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Love’s RV Hookups: Comfortable RV Stays at Truck Stops?

Love’s RV Hookups: Comfortable RV Stays at Truck Stops?

In May of 2021, Love’s Travel Stops introduced Love’s RV Hookups. But what exactly does this mean and what are the pros and cons of using them?

In this post, we’ll sort through the details and give you the scoop from our perspective as well as those of other RVers.

Let’s jump right in!

Can RVers Park Overnight at Most Truck Stops?

RV travelers have long been able to spend the night at many truckstops across the country. But that usually means parking among the tractor-trailers, especially if you’ve got a big RV like ours.

Have we done it? Yes, we have, but very rarely. On long road trips, we appreciate the ability to pull off the highway and catch some shut-eye before hitting the road again in the morning.

So why “rarely?” Why aren’t truckstops a preferred place to stop for the night?

For one thing, parking overnight at a truck stop is usually noisy. Many trucks (especially refrigerated ones) have to keep their cooling units running all night to prevent food from spoiling.

More importantly, though, we really don’t relish potentially taking a space from a professional trucker who needs the space. They’re working for a living and may be tired, or legally required by Hours of Service Regulations to take a break.

Long-haul truckers work hard, and they legally have to pull off the highway.

So, yes… RVers can park overnight at most truck stops. But we wouldn’t mind paying a few bucks to have a spot to park our rig overnight in an area we’re sure wouldn’t interfere with truckers.

In exchange for doing that, we’d probably also get a better night’s rest.

So, let’s see what Love’s RV Hookups are all about!

About Love’s RV Hookups

In 2021, Love’s Travel Stops began the process of expanding its offerings by adding dedicated RV hookups at some of its travel stops.

An RV kiosk for checking in when using the RV hookups at a Love's Truck Stop

A kiosk for checking in at one of the RV hookups at a Love’s Truck Stop. (Photo source: Love’s Travel Stops)

Love’s RV Hookups and RV Stops offer RVers an opportunity to do more than fuel up, stretch their legs, or grab a snack.

Love’s Travel Stops now offer more dedicated RV parking spots nationwide than any other truckstop.

In our post on diesel fuel discount programs, we mentioned Love’s gasoline and diesel fueling stations. But, RVers can take advantage of many amenities at Love’s Travel Stops:

Propane Refill

Running low on propane? You can get a refill at Love’s en route to or from your next camping destination.

Dump Station

If you’ve just completed a boondocking stint or you’ve been on the road for a long time and your tanks are getting full, Love’s offers dump stations so you can empty those tanks and stop carrying all that ???? down the highway.

Private Shower Facilities

Love’s private shower facilities are great for RVers whose rigs either have wet baths, outside showers only… or no shower at all.

Laundry Facilities

Traveling with the family and spending the night at a Love’s? You can take the opportunity to do some loads of laundry while you’re there.

Dog Parks

New Love’s Travel Stops are being built with dog parks, and Love’s is adding a dog park to some of their older locations as well.

There are currently 350 Love’s dog parks nationwide.

Food, Beverages, and Other Conveniences

All Love’s Travel Stops offer snacks and a variety of food and beverages for sale.

They also offer many convenience items as well as some electronics, apparel, and Love’s merchandise.

RV Hookups

And yes, some Love’s Travel Stops now offer RV hookups right there at the travel stop.

In addition to these, Love’s also offers amenities found in the following graphic:

A photo showing amenities at some Love's Travel Stops, including RV hookups.

Love’s Travel Stops offer a number of convenient amenities to travelers. And in some locations that even includes RV hookups!

In addition, Love’s has partnered with KOA to add full-sized RV parks at some locations. (Yes, we’re talking full-on RV parks right at the location of the travel stop.)

Do All Love’s Travel Stops Locations Offer RV Hookups?

No. As of this writing, Love’s offers RV hookups at 25 locations.

Other Love’s locations continue to offer lots of amenities and conveniences for all travelers. That includes some that are specifically for RVers, even at the Love’s that don’t have hookups.

What Are the Disadvantages of Love’s RV Hookups?

We don’t really see any disadvantages to the hookups themselves. They’re a great addition for all the reasons we’ve noted above, especially because they offer convenience for RVers without taking space from truckers.

However, we try to share both pros and cons of things. We’ve heard a few grumblings here and there on a couple of issues.


Some travelers seem to feel that what they’ve been using for free will now cost them. But until now, there’s been no option for hookups.

Our take is that we prefer to avoid staying overnight in areas meant for truckers, particularly in busy travel stops, if we’ve got other options.

This can be more than an annoyance to truckers. If several big rig spaces are taken by RVers and a long-haul trucker can’t park for the night, that can be a safety problem for them, and other drivers on the road.

And it may be a problem that Love’s is trying to solve by giving RVers their own spaces. We see that as a good thing. More options, please!

Some see it as a way for Love’s to make more money. But, really, RVers have to pay for hookups pretty much anywhere we go. If you’d rather boondock, then just don’t reserve a Love’s RV Hookup.

However, if you arrive at a Love’s on a hot summer night and you want to run your air conditioner so you can get a good night’s sleep, now you’ve got the option to hook up your rig and relax.

Number of Available Spaces

Some RVers appreciate the opportunity to hook up the rig at a Love’s Travel Stop, but note that most only have 5 or so hookups available.

Love’s is starting a new program and we think they’re probably testing the waters and they’ll expand as their marketing data suggests they should.

However, some Love’s have many more RV hookups than others. For example, Love’s RV Hookup in Winona, Texas, has 25 full hook-up campsites. Two of those are ADA accessible.


We’ve read comments about Love’s RV hookups not being big rig friendly, especially for those of us with a toad.

A Class A RV fueling up at a Love's Travel Stop

Here’s a Class A gasser (no toad) fueling up at a Love’s Travel Stop. (Source: Love’s Travel Stops)

We’ve read that at least some Love’s RV Hookups sites are only 30′ long, which means that big rigs might be excluded from those locations.

Some RVers also note that the spaces are so close together that slide-outs can’t be used.

Others have said that the lots are too open to the sun, too brightly lit at night, and too noisy due to trucks and interstate traffic.

Staying at a Love’s RV Hookups location isn’t your traditional camping experience, nor should we expect it to be.

For a more traditional camping experience near a Love’s location, their RV parks designed in conjunction with KOA might fit the bill, depending on your travel route.

How Do I Reserve an RV Hookup at a Love’s Travel Stop?

To use one of Love’s RV hookups (or one of their campgrounds), you’ll need to either book a space using Love’s website or by using an app like Campendium.

You can also just drive right up to a Love’s RV Hookups kiosk, and claim and pay for your space right onsite.

For a look at free overnight options for RVers, check out our posts on free overnight RV parking, as well as our posts ” 7 Best Free Camping Apps for the Avid Boondocker” and “Can You Camp in a Walmart Parking Lot?

Have You Used One of Loves RV Hookups?

If you’ve been a patron at a Loves RV Hookups site, we’d love to hear about your experience. Leave a comment below!

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Friday 28th of July 2023

Don’t try to cancel, they kept $30 of my $43 fee because it was 24 hours away from check in


Sunday 18th of June 2023

I stayed at the RV hookup in Missouri. I love this option when traveling. They are right off the highway and have different food options along with of course being able to fill up with gas. I hope these are built at all the Loves across the country. Just one hint for first timers you have to check in to turn utilities on (electric).

David Noble

Tuesday 2nd of May 2023

Have a reservation #35967602 at Loudon tn loves for 31 May 2023. Do to medical reasons I would like to chande it to 17 Aug 2023. Where do I go to change the date? Slots are available.


Tuesday 2nd of May 2023

That's a good question, David. We've never had to do that... so we can't say for sure. Our guess is that you would have to cancel your original reservation... and then re-book the new date. Check any emails/confirmations you received from your original reservation... there should be info there (hopefully a link).

Liz Pereda

Saturday 1st of April 2023

My question is when you check in to a Love’s camp spot, when do you have to check out? 24 hours later seems reasonable, but I can’t find anything online to confirm this. Does anyone know? Thank you.

Dan B.

Tuesday 7th of March 2023

I have the Loves app and I don't see any of the RV hook ups. I even checked my app against the one I know in Cordell GA. Is there an update I haven't been made aware of? NOT seeing any RV hook ups at any of the known hook up sites.


Sunday 19th of March 2023

Hi Dan... don't know if there's been an update or not, but when we look at our Love's app, you click on a location on the map and it shows a small card with some details for that location on the bottom of the screen... swipe up to expand that card and you should see the details listed as icons under the Amenities section (again, you may need to click "See All" to view the complete list available at that location).

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