When we shared our tip about using baby powder to maintain slide-out seals like new, we didn’t treat the entire upper outside seals because the slide toppers prevented access. Then we figured out this simple trick to overcome that obstacle… without removing the slide toppers!

We’re very meticulous about RV maintenance. Okay… you can go ahead say it without offending us… we’re anal retentive about it. But paying close attention to detail can be so easy sometimes, and failing to keep up can create real problems. Slide-out seal maintenance is like that: so simple, but potentially so important, especially over time. They keep water out, and neglecting anything (Dicor maintenance anyone?) that keeps water from penetrating the interior of an RV can lead to a serious, and potentially expensive, headache.

If you’ve ever seen slide-out seals with chunks of rubber missing, it’s usually the result of lack of maintenance. Simple maintenance at that. It may seem like overkill to worry about such a small thing, but ask anyone who’s dealt with water damage about their experience. It probably wasn’t one of the highlights of their RVing life.

The reason we’ve been able to keep our entire rig operating so smoothly, with so few problems (especially user-caused problems) is by taking the time to figure out how to stop troubles before they start. Attention to detail is what it’s all about… like taking the time to rub a little baby powder on every inch of our RV’s slide-out seals once a year.

NOTE: As mentioned in a comment below by one of our viewers, there is a possible link between talc and ovarian cancer. Please research this, and proceed wisely.

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