While we’re cruising ahead of our Australian RV road trip, we’re of course eager to learn whatever we can from local RVers. While in port in Melbourne, we had a good idea that we might find people dry camping along the waterfront. Sure enough, we came across several couples “free camping” in a parking area right on the beach.

While they were extremely nice, and happy to talk to us at length, they weren’t comfortable appearing on camera, so we relate what we learned in this short video update. We’re sure we’ll find some less-camera-shy folks to talk to us soon, but this will have to do for now. They may have been shy, but they sure were helpful.

We did find out that they, and many other caravanners, were in the area to catch the ferry to Tasmania, where RVing is supposedly very popular. We’re headed to Tasmania ourselves, so hopefully we’ll get a little taste of what’s so appealing to RVers there.

We’re getting more and more excited about picking up our own campervan in just a couple of weeks. We planned this cruise to be a pure vacation, but we can’t stop thinking about caravanning! We’re watching everyone driving on the left, and are eager to try it out ourselves. ????

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