Micro-Air EasyStart RV DIY Installation. Run 2 RV A/Cs on a Small Generator or 30-amp Hook-up! Cool!

Have you ever tried running two air conditioners at a 30-amp campsite? The spike from the second compressor starting up can trip the breaker, especially in older, more remote campgrounds. We installed a device called a “soft start” into each of our A/C units, and now the spike is gone, allowing us to run both at once, even at a 30-amp hookup. They’re also perfect for using a small generator to power a single air conditioner when boondocking.

Our 15,000 BTU Penguin heat pump air conditioners typically use about 10-12 amps while running. But it takes a lot more current to start an air conditioner than to run it. That’s due to something called “Locked-Rotor Amperage” which can require 5 to 6 times the power to get an A/C compressor to start running.

If you’ve been getting by on hot summer days with only one A/C unit at 30-amp RV parks, or if you have a small portable generator that you’d like to use to run one air conditioner on your smaller RV, a soft start can make all the difference. They’re not hard to install, especially when you watch the above DIY tutorial video for the deets! ?

SAVE $25.00!

Micro-Air is offering RVgeeks viewers a $25 discount when you buy an EasyStart 364
direct from them at www.microair.net. Use the Discount Code “RVGEEKS” at checkout!
NOTE: The discount applies only to the EasyStart 364, but if you have multiple air conditioners, you’ll save $25 on each of them!

And now Micro-Air has another great product… the Micro-Air EasyTouch RV Thermostat. Upgrade your RV’s heating & cooling system with this programmable, color touchscreen, WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled model. Use an app on your smart device (available for both iOS and Android) to change settings from your bed… or the other side of the world (assuming your RV has a persistent internet connection and WiFi network).

Save $15
Micro-Air EasyTouch RV Thermostat with 2-year warranty and Made In USA badges
Micro-Air EasyTouch RV Thermostat $15 Discount

Looking to add some "smart home" features to your RV? How about a new color touchscreen, programmable thermostat? Even better, how about one that allows you to control it (even remotely) using a...Show More

Looking to add some "smart home" features to your RV? How about a new color touchscreen, programmable thermostat? Even better, how about one that allows you to control it (even remotely) using a smartphone or tablet? That's what the Micro-Air Easy Touch RV thermostat does.

Watch our EasyTouch video

Save $15 on each EasyTouch RV Thermostat when you buy direct from Micro-Air.

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