Have you ever tried running two air conditioners at a 30-amp campsite? The spike from the second compressor starting up can trip the breaker, especially in older, more remote campgrounds. We installed a device called a “soft start” into each of our A/C units, and now the spike is gone, allowing us to run both at once, even at a 30-amp hookup. They’re also perfect for using a small generator to power a single air conditioner when boondocking.

Our 15,000 BTU Penguin heat pump air conditioners typically use about 10-12 amps while running. But it takes a lot more current to start an air conditioner than to run it. That’s due to something called “Locked-Rotor Amperage” which can require 5 to 6 times the power to get an A/C compressor to start running.

If you’ve been getting by on hot summer days with only one A/C unit at 30-amp RV parks, or if you have a small portable generator that you’d like to use to run one air conditioner on your smaller RV, a soft start can make all the difference. They’re not hard to install, especially when you watch the above DIY tutorial video for the deets! ?

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