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We’ve just returned from 2 months away from our RV to discover that we apparently left a little bit of ourselves behind in the UK during our visit to Scotland last summer. Viewers were excited to let us know that we were mentioned on the BBC yesterday morning!

The BBC’s Chris Evans discovered our video How To Super Clean Your Windshield and talked about it live on his BBC Radio 2 program, The Chris Evans Breakfast Show. We’ve made it across the pond to the world of caravanning!

It shouldn’t surprise us that our videos are seen in Europe, but it was fun to hear from viewers today that Chris Evans was touting not only the technique we use for cleaning our windshields, but our video and our YouTube channel!

Although we’re from North America we know Chris from one of our favorite shows, Top Gear, where he has twice been featured as the “Star in a reasonably priced car” segment.

Thanks for the mention, Chris! We’re glad you liked our glass cleaning method. Listen to Chris’s show here.

Yesterday’s entire 3-hour broadcast will be available for the next several weeks on BBC Radio 2 here. To hear our segment, wait until the page loads, then click the play button in the lower left corner of Chris’s photo. Once the show starts to play, drag the time slider over to the right, to exactly the 1 hour, 21 minute mark. Or you can just watch the video above, with the short segment about RVgeeks included.

Watch the video Chris is talking about: How To Super Clean Your Windshield
Watch the “Express” windshield cleaning method: Super Clean Your Windshield Super Fast
Watch our Scotland Motorhomes & Caravans video: The RVs of Scotland

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  1. Of course your video’s are being watched in Europe. I live in Holland and I am the owner of a Monaco Windsor 36 and I think I saw all of your video’s and I love it.

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      Hello Holland! Is it different there than in the UK when it comes to RV/caravan parks…. as in the campsites/pitches are typically large enough to handle large motorhomes? Or are you somewhat limited in where you can camp in such a large rig?

      1. We are very limited in finding a Campground in Holland. They are mostly too small for us, but there are enough campgrounds where we can stay. In Germany are more places specially for RV’s and there you will allways find a place to sleep. Most of the times we are, what you call, boondocking.

  2. Very Cool! You guys always deserve the recognition after all your hard work on the vids. Keep it up! I always have people coming in and telling me how informative all of them are for every way to care for your RV.

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  3. Geeks: I have joined your web page. Thanks so much for the informative and detailed videos, I have benefited greatly by your generous education and tips. I have purchased many of your favorite products and am using them regularly.
    Thanks again for being out there in front of us “newbees”
    2008 Tiffin Open Road
    Houston, Texas

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  4. Just don’t forget to check the boot at the airport before you board the plane!! Oh… And be sure the rental is full of petrol before you turn it in! Did you check under to bonnet to make sure the oil & coolant are satisfact’ry??

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