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For the first time, you’ll actually see who’s attached to those disembodied hands and voice in this special RVgeeks video.

We also announce our upcoming collaboration with fellow full-timers Chris & Cherie of Technomadia. Set your alarm for this coming Saturday, July 18, and join us for our Q&A, broadcast live from beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

Noted bloggers, tech experts and authors of The Mobile Internet Handbook, Cherie Ve Ard and Chris Dunphy bring a wealth of knowledge to RVers everywhere.

Whether traveling away from the RV for a few days, or a couple of months, even full-timers need to know the ins and outs of storing their RVs. We’ll bring our combined 20+ years of full time RVing experience to the topic of what to do with your RV when you need to leave it behind. How timely that all four of us will be away from our rigs next week, broadcasting from an apartment we’ll be renting!

Ninety minutes before the livecast, the four of us will also be hosting a “pre-show” of sorts, exclusively for MIA (Mobile Internet Aficionados) members.

Complete details in the video, along with some related hijinks. wink

Connect to the free 3:30 pm (PDT) livestream telecast and Q&A here.

UPDATE 7/21/15: We had a great time with Chris & Cherie. You can watch the archived livecast here:

Live Chat with Technomadia: Leaving Your RV Behind

Our 2 pm (PDT) “pre-show” covers installation of the popular WiFiRanger range extender. This exclusive content is available only to Mobile Internet Aficionados members. To join us, sign up for the “MIA” level plan. Save $5 off your initial annual membership by using the discount code “MIAGEEKS” at:

Follow Chris & Cherie here:

To learn all about staying connected on the road, purchase The Mobile Internet Handbook.

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  2. John & Peter,

    Thanks for doing this video! People need to know who the experts are behind those hands and voices. We are “RV’less” right now due to our California move, but that won’t last long. Hope you both are well and you are always welcome to stay at our place if you are passing through Sacramento.

    B & P

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  3. Glad to meet you guys!! Thank you for all the great videos. Your site is the “go to” site for the best instruction out there. Keep up the great work and I hope meet you on the road when my wife and I start our first trip next summer (after I retire). Counting the days!!

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  4. John and Peter,
    Great to meet you face to face….OK on the computer screen. My wife and I have enjoyed your “how to videos” for years, thanks. We have also taken advantage of a few to the RVGeeks5% discounts, great savings when we converted all our lights to LEDs!

    The green screen bit was fantastic. I’d love to learn how to do that for my family trip videos. Now how many of those places have you driven your RV to?

    Thanks again.

    Steve and Jean

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      Hi Steve & Jean! Thanks so much for your comment. So… we’ve been to Paris & Rome, although not in an RV, and we’ve never been to India. So the only place we’ve ever been RVing from our green screen was the shot of our rig right outside Canyonlands National Park. We are currently planning a pretty epic RV trip abroad next year in a secret location… so stay tuned for video about that. ;-)

  5. Nice to meet you John and Peter! I want to thank you for all the help you have given me with your videos! In May of 2014 we purchased a 2004 Dutch Star knowing very little about rving. Our coach has many things in common with yours so the videos are extremely helpful to us. You have saved us thousands of dollar and made doing annual necessary maintenance part of the fun of rving. Your videos are great! Please keep them coming and thank you so much!

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      Thank you so much for the nice comments, Tom. It really makes it all worthwhile, and makes our day, to hear that we’ve helped others learn about RVing a little easier than we did. We know that having a similar coach is a good thing, as we originally started making these videos for friends who bought a 2005 Kountry Star as their first RV. We love our rig a lot, so it’s great to hear that fellow Newmar owners are getting a little extra advantage because of that. ;-)

  6. What a wonderful treat! I’ve enjoyed watching your videos for a while now and am so appreciative of the content. Learning a lot from the two of you is such fun and very inspiring and encouraging too. Looking forward to meeting you on the road when I get my own RV soon. I’ll too will be asking for your autographs :)!

    Keep the great content coming!

  7. Another great video! Thank you. It is a comfort as we move toward full time to have such great information available.

  8. Wow, it’s great meeting you! Well, almost. My wife and I have been following you for the past 2 years as we have gone through the process of searching for, selecting and purchasing our RV. We have purchased a few major products using your recommendations such as the air compressor VIAir, and the Hughes Autoformer. We also want to start sharing our experiences and have started posting our experiences with various products and what we have been learning through this Journey. We are just over 9 months away from going FULL TIME, and are so READY for it.

    Thank you so much for all the effort you put into your videos and articles. We have also followed Technomadia and have been planning on becoming members… so thank you also for the discount. We have joined and look forward to the webinar this Saturday.

    I am sure we will cross paths – it seems the truly mobile full timers tend to run into each other off and on throughout these travels.

    We always look forward to your posts.

    J & C

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      Thanks J&C. We sure do remember the anticipation of getting ready to hit the road full-time, so we know what you’re going through. What a fun time! Looking forward to connecting with you on Saturday, and somewhere on the road too. :)

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      It’s been so long now, it’s a good thing we remembered how (to come out that is) lol We’re happy to be out of the witness protection program, or on the lam, or (insert story here). We’ll have a blast next weekend, and now we’ll have a bunch of extra friends joining us for a bit of it too. :)

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      A question often posed to people with large motorhomes (including us) is “How many people does that thing sleep?” We always reply with the popular refrain: “Drinks for 6, dinner for 4, sleeps 2.” It’s just the two of us here. No wives to be found. lol But many wives we’ve met do love full-timing! :)

    2. Wives stay home?? I see one of you wearing a wedding ring? My wife would NEVER let me go for months at a time. Lucky you :)

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  10. Fantastic! We are looking forward to seeing more of you both in upcoming videos. RV Light and Magic great name look out Mr. Lucas! Congratulations on being the number #1 RV You Tube site!

  11. Ha ha, you guys and the green screen! If only it were really that easy to go to Paris or Rome. Glad you have finally decided to show everyone the faces behind those great videos.

  12. Great to put faces with the names and voices! Keep up the awesome work – you have taken most of the fear out of me when it comes to DIY with our RV. You were my first stop 2 years ago when we started, and I continue to come back to you for advice. Thank you!

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  13. Thanks for making an appearance. I listen to a lot of radio and find myself google’ing the name of some of my favorite radio voices to put a face with the name, I’m glad you made the appearance. It’s also great to see the magic behind your site.

    We purchased a Class A DP in March and went full-time and have read and watched your whole site, it’s been very helpful. I always look forward to your new material.

    Now that we know who to look for we will say hi if we see you on the road.

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      Thanks Patrick, and congratulations on your new RV… and full-timing! Glad to hear we’ve been helpful. Maybe now that we’re out of the witness protection program, maybe we’ll see you on the road. ;-)

  14. Fantastic!!!!!!! Great to meet “family” members. And, of course, there’s a reason that RVgeeks is on the top of the list. GREAT content!

  15. Thanks for sharing your smiling faces. We had always imagined Tom Selleck listening to your voice-overs; and John Wayne when watching those hands. We certainly aren’t disappointed; and now we will recognize you two, and be able to ask for your autographs.

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