Start a Fire with Steel Wool

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We recently heard from an RVer who was using steel wool to stop pests from coming in near the water heater, and we realized that it might not be common knowledge that fine steel wool is EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE and burns readily.

We’re outside in the dark to clearly demonstrate how easily a fire can start by allowing fine steel wool to come in contact with any source of ignition, including a 9-volt battery. Be sure to store and use steel wool away from any possible source of ignition.

As we’ve seen the videos of RV fires recently featured in the newsletter, we know how dangerous they can be. With so many sources of fuel, RV fires are fast-spreading and very difficult to stop. A total loss of the RV is the likely result, not to mention the potential for injury or loss of life.

If you keep steel wool on board, be sure to store it away from any sparks, flame, electricity or batteries. Steel wool is safe to use, but be aware of the fire danger and handle & store it accordingly.

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    1. Hi Don. Has you A/C always been this way, or has it gotten louder over time? Do you have access to any other RVs (friends, neighbors) with the same type of A/C unit that you have, for comparison purposes? Without hearing it, it’s hard to say if it’s louder than it should be, or to diagnose what might be the problem. You might need to have a professional look at it just to make sure there isn’t something specific wrong that could cause a more expensive repair later on.

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