How To Stay Connected on the Road

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We pride ourselves on our ability to figure out most things about RVing on our own. But when we find out that someone else is far more expert on a given topic than we are, we know when it’s time to defer to the pros.

Such is the case with staying connected to the internet out on the road. While we’re pretty geeky when it comes to tech and we do stay pretty well connected, our knowledge of the latest, greatest techniques and state-of-the-art absolutely pales in comparison to fellow full-timers Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard, better known as Technomadia.

We’ve recently downloaded and started reading their brand new Mobile Internet Handbook, and are amazed to learn just how much there is to know about staying connected. We work on the road, so it’s important for us to do whatever it takes to stay online. Cherie & Chris, along with guest author Jack Mayer, have done all the heavy lifting on the topic, so rather than try to convey to you what we’re learning, we’re simply going to recommend their book.

Whether you’re a full-timer or weekend warrior, retired or working on the roll, staying connected is important to every RVer, even if it’s just for e-mail, an occasional Netflix movie or keeping up with the grandkids’ Facebook status.

Of course we all know how unreliable campground Wi-Fi can be, so taking our connectivity into our own hands is key. We’re proud to bring your attention to the best and most up-to-date guide about the topic we’ve seen.

Visit to learn more.

UPDATE!!! Get the latest edition of the Mobile Internet Handbook!

Thanks Cherie & Chris for all your research and hard work!

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  1. I just purchased a 2016 Fleetwood bounder and I would like to know what I need in order to get connected to the internet. Can you help a new bee RVer. Civilflyer.

    1. Post

      Hi Jesus! Congrats on your new Bounder! Our first rig was a 2002 Bounder Diesel, and we loved it. If staying connected on the road is important for you, the very best thing we can recommend is becoming a member of RV Mobile Internet, which is run by our friends and connectivity gurus Chris Dunphy & Cherie Ve Ard, who literally wrote the book on staying connected on the road. They are a wealth of information, and keep all of their members updated on the latest as technology changes. You can even save $5 on your first year’s membership when you use coupon code “MIAGEEKS” at

      1. Thank you and I just wanted to say that I watched several of your video. I found them to be very helpful in my decision to purchase my RV. I’ll look into becoming an RV mobile member. Please keep up the good work on your videos.

  2. I love your comments about this book, and my respect for you that was high before, has really gone up. I was a participant in their crowd-funding effort for this book, and I’m devouring it myself. It’s refreshing when one of the many websites and blogs that I follow can offer genuine praise to a fellow RVer for a book or advice that they’ve distributed. Kudo’s to you!

    1. Thank you so much for the nice comments David, and for helping Chris & Cherie produce this wonderful resource. One thing we don’t pretend to be are experts on everything to do with RVing (far from it). When we recognize a bona fide expert in any given area, we appreciate them sharing their knowledge with us, the same as we share our areas of expertise. Chris & Cherie are such tech gurus that we give them mad props for what they do for all of us living the mobile life. Thank you for helping them make it possible. :)

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