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This is the hour-long video archive of our live chat and Q&A with Chris & Cherie, our good friends from Technomadia. If you don’t have the bandwidth… either mental or internet wink … for a video that’s much longer than our usual, you can  click here to view Cherie’s awesome summary and checklist.

Just like everyone else, full-timers sometimes need to leave their homes behind. Since our homes are on wheels, some people assume we always take them with us wherever we go.

From family gatherings (or emergencies) on the opposite side of the country, to international travel, to the desire for alternate modes of transportation (think air, ship or rail), we leave home sometimes too.

We did just that this past weekend, joining Cherie & Chris for a great visit to Vancouver, BC. Even though our RV was parked only 90 minutes away, we had several reasons for  leaving it behind:

  1. We wanted to be in the heart of the city, walking distance to everything, and there are no RV parks right in town.
  2. Renting a 2-bedroom apartment was a really comfortable way for us to share time and space with our friends.
  3. Sometimes it’s just a fun change of pace to travel without the RV.

On the other hand, Chris & Cherie have been traveling sans RV for a much longer time. They’ve been railing, shipping, walking and busing all over creation while their own bus is being renovated.

Regardless of your motivation for leaving your RV behind, and whether you’re a full-time, part-time, or seasonal RVer, there are lots of things to consider before closing up the rig.

Since we’d be joining Cherie & Chris for one of their famous live broadcasts while we were all away from our rigs, they had the great idea to suggest “Leaving Your RV Behind” as our topic.

Again, this is the 1-hour video archive of our discussion and Q&A, broadcast live from Vancouver on July 18. It’s certainly a bit longer and more informal than our usual videos, but when you have some time to watch, pull up a camp chair, break out the popcorn, and join us for our discussion. We provide lots of pointers, plus share a few laughs and some wine too.

Thanks so much to Chris & Cherie for including us. We respect what they do tremendously and we’re honored to call them friends. Follow them at

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  1. Very good and informative video. I’m impressed with Cherie and Chris, and have bookmarked their web site. It was wonderful seeing you John and Peter!!! Thank you for all your wonderful videos!

    1. Post

      Thanks Nick! Cherie & Chris impress us too! The depth and breadth of their knowledge is amazing. The fact that they are so willing to share it with all of us is fantastic.

  2. We’re honored to call you friends too.. and it was so much fun to collaborate on this project together. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much as I did in our weekend together. And we made some cool stuff too :)

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