RV Water Heater Fail! Don’t Make This Newbie Mistake.

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Besides telling you about our newbie mistake, we have an LED contest winner to announce! Someone just won $250 worth of LED lights. Was it you? Scroll down to the bottom of this post to find out. wink

On April 11, 2014, we marked 11 years of full-time RVing. After all this time, we’ve learned an awful lot about how to live on an RV and manage its systems. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t made mistakes.

As we look back on all the miles we’ve traveled and places we’ve been, we remembered one of our very first newbie mistakes. We know that everyone makes a few errors in managing their RV systems, especially when they’re new at it. Hopefully this video will save you from repeating one of ours, so you can concentrate on your own. lol And maybe you’ll even laugh about them someday, too.

We thought the water heater in our month-old RV was dead, but that’s not exactly how things turned out. Watch the video to find out what happened!

So… about that contest…

Out of a whopping 1,054 entries, congratulations go out to Don & Carol B. (lucky entry #1001)! Don & Carol have won a $250 Online Shopping Certificate to M4 Products. We had a great chat with Don, and he told us all about the upgrades that he and Carol are doing on their motorhome. By coincidence,  they live in Southern California, so he’s planning to connect with Steve at M4 and maybe even pick up his prize in person!

Thanks to everyone who entered, but don’t worry if you didn’t win, as we’ll be announcing another new contest really soon. And be sure to use the code “rvgeeks5” when ordering LEDs from M4 Products to get a 5% discount on your entire order! We hope that will be some consolation. smile

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  1. Yep…just when I thought I knew it all. As an engineer, I was convinced it was an electrical problem. Started digging into electrical diagrams. I viewed you video and checked my outside shower. Both valves on! That was it! Don’t know how to thank you

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  3. Just wanted to say I did the same thing but with my bathroom shower and yes it happened on my very first trip with my first fifth wheel I thought i was the only one that did this lol.

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  4. After reading comments from other RVers on this site we were able to get hot water going again. I apparently had turned off the valve going to the water heater after dewinterizing!

  5. First timer RV’ing last weekend in our Heartland Bighorn fifth wheel. We had the same issue. Fortunately we had done a great deal of prep and after scratching my head awhile I remembered seeing this video though I didn’t remember what the cause was. After a quick review I checked the outside shower and sure enough I had left it on while doing the sanitation.

    Thanks, saved us a bunch of time.

  6. I had the same problem when we first used our travel trailer. We couldn’t get hot water. I had forgotten to turn the bypass valve off. The cold and hot water were mixing. Thanks for this and all of your tips. Enjoy your videos.

  7. Thanks for the hot water tip. I have an outside shower on my small trailer and will always remember that tip. I learn so much from the internet daily newsletters that I am way ahead of even those who have been on the road for a few years.

    1. Hi Jim! Even after 11 years, we still occasionally make “newbie” mistakes (but we generally don’t admit it until later, after the embarrassment wears off). LOL

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