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The RVgeeks RV Is FOR SALE!

The RVgeeks RV Is FOR SALE!




2005 43′ Newmar Mountain Aire Diesel Pusher Motorhome For Sale

Don’t change the channel… you read that right!

After custom-ordering our RV brand new from Newmar in 2005, and loving it full-time for more than 18 years, we’re making a change. It’s time for us to pass our rig along to a lucky new owner, who will surely enjoy one of the best-equipped RVs on the road — the awesome motorhome we’ve extensively customized and so lovingly cared for all these years. Will it be you? (or maybe someone you know who’s looking for a new RV?)

You’ve seen our rig featured prominently: for five seasons on The RVers on the Discovery Channel, PBS, and streaming services; on the RVgeeks YouTube channel; and of course, right here on our blog. Now, after all these years of TLC, our time with it will become a wonderful memory.

If you’ve followed us very long, you know our rig is incredibly well-equipped for serious boondocking (1,300-watt solar system, 600 Ah lithium house battery, large holding tanks, two cellular connectivity systems, 7.5 kW Onan generator, etc), and ideally set up for luxury living, too (separate washer & dryer, dishwasher, virtually unlimited hot water, RV king bed, and other high-end features throughout).

Leather sofas, bright & airy interior, maple coffee table & cabinetry, and plenty of space make this a great place to entertain guests, or just spread out and relax.

Check out the long list of features, options, upgrades, and photos, below.

MANY of our 300+ videos feature our extensive upgrades over the years. We’ll link to some of them here, but you can check out our YouTube channel to see many more.

  • Floorplan 4304 — 4 slide-outs — RV king bed — Split bath — “Verde” exterior & interior color scheme with Summer Maple hardwood
  • Spartan Mountain Master Chassis with 400 HP / 1,200 lb-ft torque Cummins ISL Turbo Diesel engine and Allison MH3000 transmission
  • A truly unique one-owner RV — surely one of the best-maintained and equipped rigs on the road
  • Custom-ordered, meticulously maintained, and very much loved since new by the RVgeeks
  • Extensive upgrades, customizations, and extras
  • Tens of thousands of $$ worth of unique, high-end equipment installed and included
  • No accidents or body damage of any kind ever (driven exclusively by a former professional motorcoach operator and driving instructor… and bus driving champion (yes, that’s a thing!) — RVgeeks Driving School videos here)
  • Complete and extensive service records
  • Pre-dates DEF, so none needed!
  • Our RV has always been smoke-, pet-, kid-, and shoe-free
  • Bright, open, clean interior, awash in tasteful solid maple throughout
  • 113,000 miles — (Very low mileage on a diesel pusher isn’t necessarily desirable. Sitting around for months on end leads to all kinds of LOT ROT, and diesel engines can last a million miles. This RV and all its systems have been used and maintained regularly over its entire life.)
  • $115,000 USD. If you’re Canadian, $CAD is fine as well (we’re dual citizens), using the current conversion rate at the time of sale.

Currently located in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley, about 90 minutes east of Vancouver, Canada, one lucky buyer will be just the second owner of this fantastic rig.

If you, or someone you know, are looking for an RV like ours, and you think this might be a good fit, CONTACT US!

For serious inquiries only, please use our business contact form at this link to reach us about our RV for sale.

We will, of course, spend time with the new owner, getting them oriented and up-to-speed on every system we’ve installed (there’s a lot, and we want you to get the most out of all the systems). You will not find another RV like this one anywhere. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to own one of the most renowned and extensively equipped motorhomes on the road.

FYI — in case you’re wondering… we’re selling our RV because we’ll be downsizing. Stay tuned for details about our new rig right here on our blog by making sure you’re subscribed!

Standard Features

Check out the extensive list of standard equipment in the original 2005 Newmar Mountain Aire brochure (click to view):

Cover of the 2005 Newmar Mountain Aire Diesel Pusher brochure

Take a close look at the floorplan (click the image to view it larger):

The floorplan of our 2005 Newmar Mountain Aire 4304

Factory-Installed Options

We factory-ordered our rig with the following options and custom upgrades:

  • Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer dishwasher
  • Separate stackable washer & dryer (we replaced the original units with a large-capacity Maytag washing machine and a Whirlpool 120V vented dryer)
  • Intellitec 50-amp Smart EMS Energy Management System (monitors shore power usage and sheds loads to avoid tripping the breaker on power pedestals)
  • 30″ GE Speedcook Advantium microwave oven
  • Combination desk/dinette table with two fixed chairs & two folding chairs (the original table was replaced with an oversized custom-built solid maple table with 2 leaves, which we made a detailed video about.)
  • Power lock arms on all four slide-outs (they operate automatically when extending/retracting the slide rooms)
  • 3/4-width steel carpeted slide-out tray in one basement storage compartment
  • Full-width pass-through steel carpeted slide-out tray extends out both sides of another basement storage compartment.
  • Maple hardwood window treatments in the living area
  • Central power basement door locks (this wasn’t even an option on the Mountain Aire in ’05, but Newmar approved our order for it. For 18 years, this has saved us the annoyance of carrying keys around the rig, locking and unlocking individual basement doors as we need access).
  • Curb-side L-lounge sofa
  • Kitchen-counter-height bathroom vanity (a one-off custom order that we, and our backs, have never regretted)!

After-Market Upgrades/Improvements

Following are most of the items we’ve added/upgraded/installed/improved on our RV, including the year many of them were done. Again, we’ll include links to some of the related videos we’ve made about them, but there are LOTS of videos featuring many aspects of our rig on our YouTube channel.

  • 600Ah Xantrex eGen lithium house battery (NEW 2018) (COMPLETE VIDEO PLAYLIST HERE – this was a BIG project!)
  • 1,300 Watt Xantrex solar — 4 x 165W rigid + 4 x 160W flexible (NEW 2019) (VIDEO HERE)
  • Four SolaRVector motorized solar panel lift kits (NEW 2019) (included in the solar video above)
  • Dual Xantrex 30A solar charge controllers (NEW 2019)
  • Six new Michelin X-Coach Z radial tires 295/80R22.5 on front + drive axles (NEW 2023)
  • RettroBand tire blow-out protection system on front axle (NEW 2023) (Featured in Season 5 of The RVers, which will be streaming soon)
  • ProTeng fire suppression system — engine, generator, inverter, batteries, water heater, furnace, and electrical bays (NEW 2023)
  • Roadmaster Nighthawk lighted tow bar (NEW 2022) (VIDEOS HERE AND HERE – a brand new Nighthawk was installed in 2022 for filming purposes, and is included with the RV)
  • AutoMotion dual-roller day/night window shades throughout (NEW 2022) (BLOG POST HERE)
  • Motorized AutoMotion windshield + driver & passenger side window blinds (NEW 2022)
  • Villa Ultraleather driver & passenger captain’s chairs — 8-way power-adjustable (including lumbar support), heated, and motorized passenger footrest (NEW 2022)
  • Dometic stainless steel cooktop w/cast iron grate (NEW 2022)
  • Xantrex Freedom SW 3,000-watt pure sinewave inverter-charger (NEW 2021)
  • Samsung 17.5 cu. ft. Residential Refrigerator (NEW 2019) (VIDEO HERE)
  • 42″ 4K LED TV with sound bar (NEW 2019)
  • Truma AquaGo Comfort Plus on-demand water heater (NEW 2021)
  • PepWave Max Transit Duo Cellular Router + Parsec Husky roof antenna (NEW 2021)
  • WeBoost Drive Reach RV cellular booster + roof-mounted antenna (NEW 2021) (VIDEO HERE – updated to newer model since this video was made)
  • EEZTire 12-tire TPMS with color screen & booster/repeater (NEW 2021) (VIDEO HERE – updated to new color monitor since this video was made)
  • 50A Hughes Autoformer and 50A Power Watchdog w/EPO (emergency power off) (VIDEO HERE)
  • Acuva UV-LED water purification system (NEW 2021) (COMPLETE VIDEO PLAYLIST HERE)
  • Garmin 7″ RV-785 GPS Navigator
  • 50′ Glendinning 50-amp power retractable cord reel (VIDEO HERE)
  • SeeLevel tank monitoring system
  • SnapRing Tire Savers tire covers (VIDEO HERE)
  • MCD windshield screens on windshield and front side windows
  • LevelMatePRO+ bluetooth leveling system (VIDEO HERE – Upgraded to newest model after this video was made)
  • Fullriver AGM chassis batteries (NEW 2018)
  • Two Dometic DuoTherm low-profile A/C units with heat pumps (NEW 2020)
  • Micro-Air EasyStart soft-start modules in both A/C units (NEW 2020) (VIDEO HERE – updated to latest model when we installed new A/C units after this video was made)
  • Micro-Air EasyTouch digital smart thermostat (NEW 2020) (VIDEO HERE)
  • New Tough Top Awnings slide toppers and awning fabric throughout (COMPLETE VIDEO PLAYLIST HERE)
  • Two Tough Top Awnings privacy panels (VIDEO HERE)
  • Hansgrohe faucets in kitchen & both bathroom sinks
  • All interior and most exterior lights upgraded to M4 LEDs (COMPLETE VIDEO PLAYLIST HERE)
  • Camco Aeroflo roof vent covers (VIDEO HERE)
  • Koni front shock absorbers
  • Replaced black & gray valves (NEW 2022)
  • Complete Thetford Aria electric toilet rebuild — blade valve, motor, solenoids, seals (NEW 2022)
  • New AquaJet AES water pump (NEW 2022)
  • Kozy World vent-free infrared propane heater, plumbed to on-board propane
  • Mattress Insider custom 10″ innerspring RV king mattress (VIDEO HERE)
  • Planning to routinely host guests on board? Our floorplan is perfect for that! (VIDEO HERE)
  • Many

 other extras, spare parts, and supplies included

Photo Gallery

Every photo here (including the featured image at the top of this page) was taken within the past few days, so everything you see shows the current equipment and condition of our rig. Every cabinet, compartment, and storage area is as neat, clean, and well-cared for as all of the main areas shown in the photos.

We’ve seen LOTS of older (and not so old) RVs that have clearly been owned by people who are much less anal-retentive neat freaks meticulous than we are. You know how so many rigs have all kinds of stains where tools, lubricants, spare parts, and supplies were stored in the basement and slide-out trays? The carpeting in our entire basement is absolutely spotless. Guests who come aboard our rig tell us all the time that they can’t believe any 18-year-old RV could possibly look so good and so new in so many ways. We love hearing that. 😁 Pride of ownership rules!!

Click an image in the gallery below to view a full-size version. Once you’ve clicked an image, you can use the onscreen controls to navigate from image to image.

For serious inquiries only, please use our business contact form at this link to reach us about our RV for sale.


Stephen Snure

Monday 18th of September 2023

I think you should have a contest to see who can guess your new rig. My guess is a 35' New Aire! :-)

Wil Hershberger

Saturday 23rd of September 2023

@TheRVgeeks, we’re certainly looking forward to learning what’s next. Take care.


Monday 18th of September 2023

LOL! Maybe we will, Stephen... have a contest that is. Not saying, yet, what our next RV will be! 😉

tom mcmahon

Friday 11th of August 2023

What took so long? Less than 24 hours?


Friday 11th of August 2023

Hard to believe that we had four offers in one day. Sorry for the delay, Tom. We'll try to do better next time! 😂

Gay Travel Enthusiast (Jason)

Friday 11th of August 2023

Have you found a smaller RV to buy? A smaller motorhome, campervan, or a caravan (travel trailer)?


Friday 11th of August 2023

Hey Jason! We do have a smaller RV in the works, but are keep details under wraps until everything is finalized. Stay tuned!


Wednesday 9th of August 2023

Hi guys! I’ve been wondering if the day would ever come that you would decide to part with your coach…I wasn’t sure it ever would! I’ve followed your channel for years and it’s one of my absolute favorites. You do such an incredible and professional job…I just love every episode/article. Your coach is amazing and talk about OCD/anal retentive owners….amazing. I swear that if hadn’t recently bought our Coach recently, I might have seriously been interested as it’s so incredible. Somebody is going to get one of the most loved and maintained coach ever. I’m excited to see what your plans are! Take care! 👍


Wednesday 9th of August 2023

Thank you so much for the kind words, Terry! We were wondering the same thing. LOL Guess it had to come sooner or later... or get left behind in our wills! We're dedicated to helping the new owner get the most out of all the stuff we've installed, so they can love the rig as much as we have. Safe Travels.


Wednesday 9th of August 2023

I can't wait to see what the future holds for you both, hopefully a new rig to share with us all!


Wednesday 9th of August 2023

Thanks so much, Jen! Can't wait to share! 😃

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