😳 Driving an RV on NARROW U.K. Roads! - RVing in England - Part 3

We highly recommend renting an RV in England. But we also advise going in with eyes wide open when it comes to the size of the roads… or lack thereof. In part 3 of our U.K. Road Trip, we take you on the SMALLEST roads we’ve ever been on… in a motorhome!

Having driven on the left during our 3-week campervan trip in Australia, we were well-prepared for that part. But the roads in Oz are much more like those in North America when it comes to size. Not so in England. That’s especially true in The Cotswolds, where some roads are literally not wide enough to pass without scraping the hedgerows on BOTH sides at once… on two-way streets!

Give this video a watch, take your time, and you’ll find that it’s not as hard as it looks. But it does require extra attention, and a little nerve, especially at first.

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