We highly recommend renting an RV in England. But we also advise going in with eyes wide open when it comes to the size of the roads… or lack thereof. In part 3 of our U.K. Road Trip, we take you on the SMALLEST roads we’ve ever been on… in a motorhome!

Having driven on the left during our 3-week campervan trip in Australia, we were well-prepared for that part. But the roads in Oz are much more like those in North America when it comes to size. Not so in England. That’s especially true in The Cotswolds, where some roads are literally not wide enough to pass without scraping the hedgerows on BOTH sides at once… on two-way streets!

Give this video a watch, take your time, and you’ll find that it’s not as hard as it looks. But it does require extra attention, and a little nerve, especially at first.

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  1. We just completed our first day of driving a motorhome in the U.K. and all I have to say is, thank goodness I watched this video first! Absolutely spot on to what we experienced, so no surprises thankfully. Thank you guys for publishing this video!

  2. Driving an A class RV in the UK looks a lot worse than it is, we have a Winnebago 26P and have never had much of a problem in the UK, basically we are the same size as a waste collection truck, so if there are people living there that get there rubbish picked up then we can get down there too, with the amount of heavy goods vehicles on british roads these days the people there are very used to getting out of the way :D

  3. That was really an eye opener!! Beautiful country but you can’t be in a big rush like people here are on my way to work!! lol
    Do they have interstate highways there? Thanks for sharing – i’ll never get across the pond…..

    1. LOL! That’s true, Deborah. Best not to be in a rush on roads like this! And yes, they have motorways, which are the equivalent of highways in North America… multiple lanes, high speed, etc. But those were boring! ?

  4. Oh I just loved that clip…thanks guys as it reminds me so much of driving in rush hour on the West Side when the Cruise Ships come in and take on or let off it’s passengers . Just when you think that is crazy enough add in the Charter Bus guys and they pull right into the lower deck and you have some dude in cuffs who got caught with something they were bringing in and you have to wish them off to Centeral Booking. Fun Fun and more Fun!!! I will say most of the Stage Coach Drivers were the best. Professional in every way and the best down there when I was employed by US Customs was the folks driving for the “Big A ” and I bet you know that company rather well. Have a fun time in the UK and do have a pint of the Irish Big ” G’ the best Stout ever made and consumed by me …himself the fish aka K9Piper

  5. now it is very obvious why people in England drive such small cars and Lori’s. And I have seen other videos on You tube and all the Rv’s are so small. When I came across your videos I thought why are they so happy with a class B type RV? I can see why they don’t have a large Cadillac or class A motor homes in England. you would have a L.A. style traffic jam for sure. No wonder it took them until June 4th 1944 to invade Europe. the roads slowed every thing do to a crawl. Oh yes and the rain. I wondered why you waited until fall to make you trip over there.

    1. LOL! Large vehicles would definitely clog things up fast over there, Pius! And we actually got quite lucky with the weather while we were there… this year the UK had an unseasonably warm & dry summer, which carried into the Fall, so we had mostly warm & sunny days, with the occasional rain shower to remind us where we were. ?

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