Just like people who live in sticks & bricks houses, we occasionally travel away from our home. During our recent RV trip to Italy, we were away from our rig for two whole months. In the past we’ve left it in the enclosed storage lot of an RV park when we’re away, but we heard about a much higher-end option last year, and thought it sounded great. After all, what could be safer or more secure than having your RV stored INDOORS?!?!

We arranged to put our RV in storage at National Indoor RV Center’s new Las Vegas location, since it meant we’d have easy access to a major airport. The facility is huge, and immaculate. It’s so new they hadn’t even finished building the offices when we were there. Besides secure indoor storage, NIRVC offers sales, service and detailing, so it’s truly a one-stop shop.

The storage service is a concierge type affair… once arranged, you can simply leave your RV parked behind the building and drive away. Their team will take care of it from there, making sure your RV is safely and securely moved indoors, parked, and hooked to power. But there’s more. Did something break while you were on your latest RV trip? No problem… just arrange for them to service it, and it will be repaired for your return. Don’t have the time to worry about dumping your tanks when you get back? No worries. For an extra fee, they’ll dump your tanks for you. And if you came back covered in dust/dirt? They offer complete wash & wax services.

When you’re ready to go RVing, simply call or log into their website to schedule your pickup. They’ll get your rig out of storage, check your batteries and tire pressures, park your rig out back, fill your fresh water tank, and even turn your fridge on if you’d like… so when you get there, you can load your groceries up right away, and hit the road!

We were duly impressed with NIRVC’s services. More importantly, we were impressed with an obvious company-wide dedication to customer satisfaction. They also have locations in Phoenix, Dallas and Atlanta.

Visit their website to learn more:

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