Do It Ourselves is a mantra we try to live by as much as we reasonably can. Paying someone else to do something we can do ourselves is usually anathema to us. However, there are times when expedience is the better part of valor (if that’s not already an actual saying, we are hereby copyrighting it).

Washing the RV is a prime example of a DIY task that usually requires only the most basic of skills: the willingness to do it. Since special training isn’t generally needed, it’s the kind of thing that just about any able-bodied person can do themselves.

But what about those times when water isn’t available, like when we’re dry camping, or facing drought or washing restrictions? Sure, we could leave a boondocking-trip’s worth of dirt on the RV, and sometimes we have no choice but to do that for longer than we’d prefer. But just as we’re eager to take good mechanical care of our rig, we also like taking good cosmetic care of it.

Even though it’s always nice to have someone tell us that they can’t believe our motorhome is over 12 years old, the primary reason we’re neat freaks is for our own personal satisfaction. We just like things neat, tidy and orderly, and something about a rig covered with dirt simply rubs us the wrong way.

When an RV park that has hook-ups and allows washing (a rarity) isn’t available, we used to make a regular habit of finding a do-it-yourself car wash with a high clearance or outdoor wash bay.

But over the past couple of years, we’ve been trying out a new way to get the rig clean. And so far, we’ve found that there are times when “DIY satisfaction” can be successfully (and without guilt) supplanted by “DDIY Satisfaction” (as in “Didn’t Do It Myself… But I’m Happier Than If I Had”).

Check out the video to see how getting our rig clean without lifting a finger has now become a really satisfying, if occasional, indulgence for us. Learn more about Blue Beacon here.

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