When something on an RV breaks or wears out, you usually know. But some things wear out like a slow drip. An RV mattress is a good example. There wasn’t one particular day we sat up and said “Okay, our mattress is worn out.”

We’ve been sleeping on the same mattress that came with our RV over 11 years ago, and we finally realized that it was time for a new one. But RV mattresses are rarely standard “queen” or “king” sizes, so replacement can be a challenge, especially if you want something closer in quality to a good residential mattress than many of the offerings at a typical camping store.

Compounding the problem is that even standard “RV” mattress sizes won’t fit the many non-standard RV bed sizes, including ours. Finding a company that provides the combination of high quality, choice of mattress types, and the ability to custom-make virtually any size can be tough. Add to that the fact that we’re often in remote areas far from much civilization (where it can be difficult to receive a shipment), and the prospect of getting a great night’s sleep again can seem like an elusive dream.

So we’re excited to announce that RV mattress specialist MattressInsider.com not only custom-built and shipped an awesome mattress for us, but they’ve also agreed to become the newest member of our RV Discounts page. That’s where providers of high-quality RV products offer special savings to RVgeeks viewers. And MattressInsider stepped right up to the plate with a generous TEN PERCENT DISCOUNT on your entire order, both online and on the phone.

Mattress Insider specializes in RV mattresses, including the ability to custom-make almost any size in several different styles. After talking with an adviser to help guide us, we ordered a firm pocketed-coil innerspring mattress, custom-fit to our non-standard-size RV bed platform. They even offer custom-made sheets to fit any bed they make, so we ordered a set of those, too (no suspenders required for these sheets). :)

A mattress is one of those things that wears out so gradually, you sometimes don’t realize that it’s time to replace it until it’s long overdue. Now that we’ve been sleeping on our new one for a while, we can’t believe that we didn’t notice the gradual wearing-out of the old one sooner. It was definitely past due and the new one is awesome… like night and day. ;-)

Visit www.mattressinsider.com and enter the
Coupon Code “RVGEEKS”
for a 10% discount on your entire order!
(Use online OR when ordering by phone)

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