About a month from now we’ll celebrate our 12th anniversary of full-timing. It’s hard to believe that our “2- or 3-year” adventure, which started when we drove away from our just-sold house on April 11, 2003, has turned into a bona fide lifestyle. You’d think that after all this time we’d know just about everything there is to know about RVing. Not!

The reason we’ve gathered as much knowledge as we have over the years is simple. We’re open-minded and eager to learn new things. Once we think we know it all, we’ll stop learning. Being anal retentive about doing things the right way doesn’t hurt either. ;) And if you’d seen how little we knew about what we’d just undertaken, you’d laugh (one of our earliest errors makes us laugh anyway). We’d never even spent a single night in an RV, and suddenly we were full-timers, literally overnight. And look at us now. We know… stuff!

There are so many fantastic resources out there for RVers new and experienced alike. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve added a brand new web page to TheRVgeeks: RV Resources,  which you can visit by clicking the “RV Resources” navigation tab from any page on our website.

Need some inspiration about a great adventure or place to eat (or drink)? Our friends Nikki & Jason of GoneWithTheWynns will guide you, along with their stunning videos. Want to learn how to operate your RV like a pro? Get some RV Basic Training. Heard about the famous Gypsy Journal, but haven’t yet subscribed? Looking for a place to stay but haven’t tried Campendium? You’re a DIY RVer, but haven’t joined the iRV2 forums yet?!

We’ve assembled these, and many more of our favorite RVing resources, websites and blogs all in one place. Some we use all the time, some we check out occasionally and others we simply know, respect and appreciate what they offer. Check them all out, then let us know if you have some valued resource we didn’t include, and we’ll consider adding it to the list.

Check out our new RV Resources page today, and leave a comment telling us what you think!

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