We’re pleased to announce that our recent changes appear to have been successful. We appreciate your hanging with us while we worked out the bugs during our transition.

The new website is up and running, with many updates already in place. Launch day was both exciting and alarming all at the same time, as traffic actually crashed the server for nearly an hour, with more than double the views of our previous best day ever! Thanks for all your enthusiasm and support. :)

We apologize for the challenges we’ve had with our subscriber list, but we’re happy to report that ALL of your e-mail addresses were (finally) successfully migrated over to the new domain from the now-retired HowToRVgeeks website (and they said it couldn’t be done)!

So…. if you were subscribed to our old website, but haven’t already re-subscribed to TheRVgeeks.com… you don’t have to. It’s done! Of course if you didn’t get an e-mail about this post, and haven’t yet subscribed at all… no time like the present. ;)

And if you didn’t subscribe before yesterday, you may have missed hearing about our brand new RVgeeks Contest, where one lucky viewer will win $250 worth of LED lights on Monday, 9/15/14! Be sure to enter for your chance to win. To increase your odds, you can add a pin to your Pinterest page, and enter and/or Tweet about the contest once each day.

We apologize if anyone received two copies of this post in their e-mail. If you were subscribed to our old website using one e-mail address, then re-subscribed to the new site with a different e-mail address, the “don’t-duplicate-email-addresses!” process would not have known it was you both times. You can simply unsubscribe from either mailing and you’ll only receive one from now on.

That’s it for the moment, other than a little tease about our next video, due out this coming week. The title is “Our  RV Windshield Screens Are Driving Us BATTY!” Let your imagination run wild.

Thanks again for bearing with us as we get settled into our new digs. We’re confident (well, hopeful at least) that we’re all done.

Safe Travels,
Peter & John