If you’ve been following us for very long, you know that our Newmar Mountain Aire is a featured performer in most of our videos.

When we started full-timing in 2003, we had never even been on board an RV before. We just knew it was something we wanted to do. We actually bought our first motorhome over the internet, sight-unseen! It was a left-over 2002 39′ Fleetwood Bounder Diesel, which seemed as though it would be perfect for the two or three years we planned to spend on the road. And it was.

When we decided, unexpectedly, to continue full-timing as an open-ended way of living, with no known end date, we still loved our Bounder, but we’d learned enough about our RVing needs (okay… wants) to have created a substantial wish list of upgrades.

Taking advantage of Newmar’s willingness to field considerable custom build requests, we ordered our 2005 coach right at the end of the model year.

Although we weren’t taking factory delivery, we were traveling through Nappanee at about the time our coach was due to be under construction. We brought the factory tour to a grinding halt when we happened to walk past our rig, literally fresh off the assembly line.

This spring, it will be 10 years since we took delivery of our Mountain Aire, but we still love it after all this time. So we’re especially honored that we’re being featured in the latest post on Newmar’s blog.

Check it out here: Newmar Guest Blog – Meet The RVgeeks

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  1. My husband and I have been following you for the past 3 weeks!! We are trying to narrow down our rv motorcoach selection, BUT we want you to know that you have answered a lot of our questions and we look forward to many more videos!!!! One thing we are still wanting more info on, we want a standard front load washer and dryer in our coach. Do you currently have one and what kind of maintenance and cleaning do you do to those two systems? Any help, guidance or video would be appreciated!! Thank you in advance!!!

    The Hampton’s

    1. Hi Rich & Michelle! So nice to have you here with us, and it’a always great to hear that we’ve been helpful. We’ve had both the “combo” type RV washer/dryer (in our first RV) and separate apartment-size front-loading washer & dryer (in our current RV). We have VERY strong opinions on this topic, so hopefully you’ve come to the right place!

      First, we absolutely HATE the tiny little combo units. They hold so little as to be practically useless, and the fact that you can’t start the second load of wash until the first dryer load is finished is a huge waste of time. We also found that the drum was very small to begin with, but when you try to dry a full washer’s worth of clothes, it has to split into two loads to get dry. A royal PIA, and we swore we’d never own one again. Maybe suitable for very occasional part-time use, or for pixies, but for us full-size, full-time RVers, we ended up going to a laundromat most of the time instead.

      So, needless to say, we think you’re making a great choice with separate washer and dryer. We’ve had the exact same set for over 12 years, and LOVE them. Our RV came with a terrible brand though: Majestic. Way too small inside. We sold them on Craigslist within months of buying our rig, and bought apartment size (24″) washer and dryer and installed them ourselves in the parking lot of a Sears in Oregon! LOL

      The only vented dryer available at the time that ran on 120 volts was the Whirlpool, which we bought. But the matching washer was missing one feature we wanted: a bleach dispenser (which we rarely use, but when we want it, we figured it would be nice to have). So we bought a Maytag washer. We didn’t care that our set didn’t match, and both have been working 100% flawlessly for over 12 years now.

      The most common set-up we see coming in RVs these days is a matched set of Whirlpool machines, and we highly recommend going that route. It is AMAZING how much they hold. Our 24″ apartment size front loader swallows an incredible amount of stuff, including an entire set of king size flannel sheets with four pillow cases, with room leftover. Our little front loader can easily hold as much or more than most full-size top-loading household washing machines. We love our set-up and would never be without it. Laundromats are mostly a thing of the past (except when we’re not going to be hooked up for an extended period). I think this is our exact dryer, which is apparently still made: http://amzn.to/2ibdknF

      Anyway, what you want for an RV is a 24″ compact washer and matching dryer. They’re “apartment” size, but hold a very large amount of clothing for their size. Light night and day compared to the capacity (and I use that term loosely) of any Splendide unit. Anything larger than these type of units would be impractical on an RV, and unnecessary.

      As far as maintenance and cleaning, there is nothing we have ever done in 12 years except use them, and every now and then wipe around the door seal on the washing machine. Hope this helps a bit!

  2. No not really, one side is 6600 lbs and the other front tire is 6700 lbs with the tires rated at 7130 +/- each. While the 295 are not as wide as the 305’s the 80 has a higher profile or taller than the 70’s I had been running.. I beleive the load range or no of plies is what really matters when it comes to weight carrying ability.

    1. That’s great that you know your front corner weights! Puts you ahead of the (probably) 90% of RVers who don’t even know they need to weigh their rig at all to know the proper load limits and tire pressures, let alone get corner weights. Sounds like you’re in great shape.

  3. Yes we saw one of your videos on tire inflation and noticed you were using 295×80 tires instead of the 305x 70 that came with the rig. Recently we changed to a 295 X 75 tire. Many years ago the Spartan people advised us to do that because back when I Bought the rig it was very hard to balance the tires. Their solution was to go to this size


    1. Our MA is an ’05 and came from the factory with 295×80 and we’ve had no problem with them. Newmar switched to 305 in ’06 due to increased weight requiring larger tires. Surprised that Spartan would recommend stepping down by two sizes for you. Are you running well under max weight on the front axle to allow the use of smaller tires?

  4. Hi, I just subscribed to The RV Geeks after seeing one of your videos. We also have a 2006 Newmar Mountain Aire that we purchased from the factory in late 2005. Yours looks very well kept and we should have more time now to bring ours up to snuff . We’ll look forward to being part of your blog.

  5. I just wanted to say, “Hello” and let you know that your videos have brought me hours of entertainment, and a lifetime of RV education/advice. Almost daily, I am on your YouTube channel seeking a question, and sure enough, I find it within a few clicks from one of your videos. One day, should I our paths cross, you’re both getting a great big hug of thanks!! Until then, thank you for your attention to detail, and astute videos!

  6. You guys really rock. My wife and I are not full time yet, but that’s next. We moved up to a big rig coach last summer. We tow a Jeep Wrangler, have seen a big part of this country, but we never stop learning. We have learned a lot from you guys. Keep up the good work. Hope we can cross paths sometime.

  7. I’ve been enjoying your videos for years. And your videos are not only helpful but impart a wonderful sense of well-being.
    I truly enjoyed reading this and the associated Newmar blog. That’s a beautiful photograph too!
    I wish both many years of healthy and happy travel.

    1. Thanks Scott. We do try to take good care of our home, both mechanically and cosmetically. When people see our RV and find out that it’s nearly 10 years old, they are often amazed at how good it looks. Just to be fair though, the photo shown here and on Newmar’s blog post was taken in 2005, when the coach… and the two of us… were a lot newer. ;-)

  8. Bravo, you guys!! Welcome to the big leagues! This also tells the rest of us just what a good company Newmar really is!! Millers… YOU ROCK!

  9. <3 you guys! My wife and I have a dream to full time….just bought our first RV last year and are completely hooked. We've learned a ton thanks to you, as well! Congrats on the blog piece and here's to many more years of RV fun living!

    1. Thanks Ami! Congratulations on joining in this awesome way of life. Hope you get to make it to full-time soon. Thanks for letting us know we’ve been helpful. Happy to hear it. :)

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