When it comes to RV maintenance, we stipulate that we’re not professionals. For the first time, we can remove that disclaimer, because one of us is indeed a bona fide expert in one area: driving.

As is typical with pre-retirement-age full-timers, we both have “past lives” working more traditional jobs. In one of those previous lives, I (Peter) was both a professional driver and driving instructor. I drove charter & tour buses in a big city and was Safety & Training Manager for one of the largest bus companies in North America. I’ve hired and trained literally hundreds of professional motor coach operators, along with training and overseeing a team of instructors.

I suppose it’s fitting that I ended up in a motorized home, as I’ve been licensed for just about everything powered by an engine: cars, boats, motorcycles, buses, double & triple tractor trailers, hazmat & tanker trucks and even airplanes (750-hour private pilot). I was also a regular competitor in the annual American Public Transit Association Bus Roadeo driving competition, winning a shelf full of trophies at both state & national levels.

So this time our footnote about not being professionals doesn’t apply, as we’re providing authoritative, expert content — no disclaimer required. Sharing tips on the operation of large vehicles and advanced defensive driving techniques is something we’re pleased to be adding to our portfolio of videos for our fellow RVers. Anything that helps keep us all safer can’t be bad!

This first video in the series covers Off-Tracking and Rear Overhang, which are conditions caused by turning the steering wheel in a large vehicle. Both require special attention to prevent impact with other vehicles or fixed objects. Stay tuned for more safe driving videos in the future, which we’ll be releasing as we have them available.

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