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The Unique Features (and Appeal) of Oliver Travel Trailers

The Unique Features (and Appeal) of Oliver Travel Trailers

Oliver Travel Trailers have caught the attention of many campers, and it’s pretty easy to see why. One look at these rugged but well-appointed little travel trailers and you’re bound to ask what it is and where it came from. 

But as far as travel trailers go, these campers also come with a relatively high price tag.

In today’s post, we’re looking at Oliver Travel Trailers to see what makes them unique, inside and outside. 

Are “Ollies” worth the price?

Let’s find out!

Who Makes Oliver Travel Trailers?

Oliver Travel Trailers have been manufactured by Oliver Fiberglass Products Company in Hohenwald, Tennessee since 2008. 

A Legacy of Twins

The unique travel trailers were conceived by twin brothers John and Jim Oliver. They spent two years designing the initial prototypes based on their own adverse experiences with other travel trailers that they felt were unsatisfactory.

First, the Oliver family members were avid campers. They spent time in several travel trailers over the years, none of which impressed them, particularly from a durability standpoint.

The Oliver brothers had also used campers in their business, regularly traveling to and boondocking at job sites for days or weeks without hookups.

But, the camping trailers they used lacked durability and didn’t offer adequate protection from the elements.

After an experience with frozen plumbing in a traditional camper, the Olivers set out to produce a superior product. They believed there was a way to make a better camper — one that could withstand the elements. They wanted to create a more durable boondocking experience at their job sites, as well as a more comfortable camping experience for the Oliver family.

When Jim and John Oliver came up with the idea of using a double-shelled fiberglass & composite hull to create a superior camper for their own use, little did they realize they were designing a travel trailer for the general RV market. But that’s just what they did.

Unfortunately, John Oliver died suddenly before the first Oliver Travel Trailer was released to the public. But brother Jim and his sons continued to pursue the dream of the twin brothers and ultimately brought the first Oliver rigs to market in 2008.

Jim Oliver died in 2019, but the Oliver family continues to extend the legacy of the Oliver twins to this day, operating Oliver Travel Trailers from the Oliver Fiberglass Products plant in Hohenwald, Tennessee.

A Legacy Elite II shown traveling down the road

This Legacy Elite II from Oliver Travel Trailers is ready for some serious boondocking with the lithium battery/solar package. (Photo source: Oliver Travel Trailers)

What Makes Oliver Travel Trailers Different?

Oliver Travel Trailers use very little wood, a material from which many travel trailers are largely made. 

There are other fiberglass travel trailers, of course. Casitas and Scamps come to mind for most of us when we think of fiberglass campers, but both of these use a single-hull design.

But, Oliver Travel Trailers are double-hulled fiberglass campers that not only use very little wood but also encase all plumbing, water tanks, furnace, and other systems between the two fiberglass shells (double hull). 

That design is one of the features that makes Oliver Travel Trailers stand out. Insulation sits between the two hulls, reducing noise and making Ollies true 4-season campers.

(The only other double fiberglass-shelled campers we know of that are currently on the market are Cortes Campers.)

Ollies use an insulated double-sided radiant barrier with reflective aluminum foil on each side of a 5mm (13/64 inch) polyethylene bubble center. This approach to insulation provides radiant, vapor, and air gap barriers.

We’ve also read that the double-hull insulated design with components built inside the hulls also serves as a barrier to rodents. This is because there are no entry points for rodents or other pests (except the door).

While Ollies are built with condensation “weep-holes” underneath, they’re screened to prevent bugs and critters from gaining entry. Even the insulation provides no nesting materials. So if rodents sniff around an Ollie, there’s less to attract them.

The interiors of Oliver’s travel trailers use durable materials such as molded cabinetry and high-quality seats, floors, and other components. 

Also, the frames and steps of Oliver travel trailers are made of aluminum instead of steel, so rust won’t become an issue.

Overall, “Ollies” are rugged, durable, sturdy, well-built, and well-appointed rigs. According to the company, they’re designed and manufactured to last a lifetime.

Also somewhat unique is the fact that Oliver travels trailers aren’t available for purchase from RV dealerships. Ollies are only available from the manufacturer.

Oliver Travel Trailers Models

Two models of Oliver travel trailers are made, including one floorplan of the single-axle Legacy Elite and two floorplans of the dual-axle Legacy Elite II.

Legacy Elite

The Legacy Elite is a single-axle camper with an 18′ 5″ length. It comes only in a standard floorplan with a rear dining table that converts to a 74″ x 52″ bed.

An exterior photo of a Legacy Elite single-axle travel trailer

You’re looking at the single-axle Legacy Elite travel trailer from Oliver Travel Trailers. (Photo source: Oliver Travel Trailers)

Here’s a peek at a standard floor plan, shown in day mode and night mode, from a 2020 Legacy Elite:

A look at the standard floor plan of a 2020 Legacy Elite from Oliver Travel Trailers in both day and night modes

Here’s a look at the standard floor plan of a 2020 Legacy Elite from Oliver Travel Trailers, in both day and night modes. (Floor plan images courtesy of Oliver Travel Trailers.)

Legacy Elite II

The Legacy Elite II is a 23′ 6″ tandem axle travel trailer available in both standard and twin bed floor plans.

One timely note — We’ve recently read that as we write this post, only the Legacy Elite II is currently being produced. We’ll look to see how that situation evolves.

2023 Legacy Elite II

Exterior view of a Legacy Elite II in the showroom

Here’s a showroom view of the Legacy Elite II from Oliver Travel Trailers. (Photo source: Oliver Travel Trailers)

The Legacy Elite II is a tandem axle travel trailer spanning 23′ 6″. It sleeps up to three and seats up to seven.

The standard floor plan has a rear dinette that breaks down into a 75″ x 79″ bed, while the twin floor plan has two 75″ x 30″ beds and a 76″ x 25″ side dinette bed. 

Photographic representation of the standard and twin floor plans of the Legacy Elite II

On the left you see the interior of a Legacy Elite II with the standard floor plan. On the right, the twin floor plan is displayed. (Photo sources: Oliver Travel Trailers)

All Oliver travel trailers have wet baths with a shower and toilet. (See our post on RV wet baths for more information on how a wet bath works.) A composting toilet is available as an upgrade.

The Legacy Elite II has 32-gallon fresh water and gray water tanks, and a 15-gallon black water tank.

The Elite II has a dry weight of 4,900 pounds and a maximum loaded weight of 7,000 pounds.

In addition to Oliver’s double-hull fiberglass design and aluminum frame & steps, the Elite II includes the following features, either standard or as upgrades:

  • Truma AquaGo Water Heater
  • Truma Aventa AC 
  • Quarry fiber granite on countertops, accents, and tables
  • Omni-directional antenna
  • Powered Pro curbside awning
  • Lithium Pro Power Package (390 AH lithium batteries, 400 Watt solar panels with charge controller, 3000 Watt inverter)
  • Convection microwave 
  • Two 20-pound LP tanks (front & rear) with quick-connects
  • Low-profile porcelain toilet
  • Backup camera with wireless LCD display
  • 4G cell phone booster
  • Door lock with electronic keypad
  • Customer’s choice of six vinyl graphics options
  • Composting toilet option

Here’s a list of standard features of the Legacy Elite II. You can also see a list of upgrades and add-ons.

Oliver Travel Trailers 2023 Legacy Elite II campers start at $73,500. With upgraded options, you can drive out the door in the neighborhood of $92,000.

See the Oliver Travel Trailers website for more information on these uniquely rugged and durable travel trailers.

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Wednesday 10th of May 2023

Great article! At one point, Oliver had plans to make some design changes to the Legacy Elite model, but they decided to continue building them due to demand. So they are still making the Legacy Elite.

Gay Traveler (Jason)

Tuesday 11th of April 2023

Hey guys. ???? Another great idea. If only all travel trailers were built like these Oliver trailers.

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