Our RV just turned 10! We took delivery on May 17, 2005, so its birthday present was a new generator fuel filter.

Three years ago, our first two Onan generator maintenance videos showed how to change the oil & oil filter, clean the spark arrestor, replace the air filter, flush the cooling system and replace the anti-freeze. Since then we’ve received multiple requests to show the fuel filter replacement.

Having solar panels and being frugal with power, we tend to keep the hours on our generator to a minimum. The fuel filter only gets replaced every 500 hours, so we haven’t had to do it since prior to making our very first YouTube video, nearly four years ago. Finally, here it is!

We’ve seen quite a bit of discussion about this being a tricky job, but it’s actually a breeze. If we weren’t videoing it, we could easily complete the job in about 15 minutes (shooting video seems to make any project take about 5 times longer). ;-)

We have an Onan 7.5 kilowatt QuietDiesel generator. If you have a different model, be sure to check your owner’s manual for possible differences in the procedure.

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