6-Outlet, 790 Joule Surge Protector/Power Strip


If you’re as tech-hungry as we are, your RV probably doesn’t have anywhere near enough outlets for all the devices you need to plug in. But a couple of these not only solve THAT problem, but provide protection against power surges AND allow you to control what devices are drawing 110V power (very handy when running off your inverter).

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  • 6-outlet, surge-protector power strip with 1 transformer outlet
  • 790-Joule 3-Line Surge-Protection Rating to protect small appliances, phones, and lamps
  • 6-foot long 14 AWG power cord
  • Red “protected” LED indicator light with 15-Amp circuit breaker to signify you are protected
  • Specifications: AC 15A, 125V, 60Hz, 1875W