8″ Nylon Cable Ties w/Mount Hole, 45 Lbs Tensile Strength, UV Black (250)


OK… so we’re a little bit anal-retentive, but we like to use cable ties to ensure that everything is neatly held in place. These 8″ long ties are especially handy, since they have a mounting hole so you can screw them in place. Makes them great for holding cables, wires or tubing so it doesn’t vibrate/move. If you don’t need the mounting hole, you can get 11″ UV-stabilized (black) versions OR 11″ standard (white) cable ties.

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APTronix Mount Head Zip Ties are perfect for managing cable clutter around the house, office, workshop, garage or even under the hood or dash of cars, RVs, boats and motorcycles. These cable ties are 8 inches long and field tested to support up to 45 pounds. Use them to clean up the ugly and even dangerous electrical cable clutter behind your entertainment center or computer desk or any time you are working on a project where cable management is needed.


  • Rated for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Resistant to extreme heat and cold ranging from from -31°F to 185°F (-35°C – 85°C)
  • UL recognized FIRE RESISTANT Nylon material

Get the most out of your purchase! With 250 cable ties in each package you won’t have to worry about running out of zip ties in the middle of your project. APTronix Zip Ties are thicker and stronger than other cable ties meaning you can use fewer of them and you don’t have to worry about them breaking in extreme use conditions.

Use APTronix Zip Ties to organize messy cables behind your entertainment center, computer desks, and around the house. When you’re done there use them to clean up wiring, hoses and accessories on your vehicle, boat, RV or anywhere else where tidy cable management improves safety or appearance


  • 8 Inches long
  • 6MM Ratchet-Lock Head
  • 3.6MM Teeth
  • Quality Nylon material
  • 45 Lb Tensile strength
  • Package contents: 250 8″ black cable ties

APTronix Zip Ties come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, if you have any problems we will replace them free of charge!


  • ➜ Premium Mount Head Zip Ties field tested to support up to 45 pounds of weight with a patented Ratchet-Lock head and strong teeth for securing cables, wiring, automotive hoses and body part
  • ➜ Engineered for DURABILITY – Heat and UV resistant, certified for outdoor use. Safe to use from -31°F to 185°F (-35°C – 85°C)
  • ➜ Multi-Use – Great for use in the home, office, workshop, garage and professional applications. Designed for indoor as well as outdoor use. Perfect for cable management and projects
  • ➜ Manufactured from UL recognized fire resistant Nylon material
  • ➜ Best Value – Multipack of 250 premium 8″ mount head cable ties. Each mount head zip tie measures 8 inches long with a 6MM Ratchet-Lock head and 3.6MM locking teeth