Aqua Plumb Plumbers Putty (14 oz)


While replacing the faucets in our bathroom, we needed this plumber’s putty to complete the job. If you’re tackling the same project on your RV, you may need some, too.

NOTE: If your sink is made of a porous material (like natural stone or plastic), this product might stain it… so use Non-Staining Plumber’s Putty or Clear Silicone Sealant instead.

Watch our faucet installation video here

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For almost 40 years, AquaPlumb has been the value leader in the plumbing specialty and repair parts industry. In addition to offering high quality products, AquaPlumb works tirelessly to bring you the absolute best and most competitive prices in the market. With a legacy in the plumbing industry that dates back to 1927, AquaPlumb has the knowledge and experience to make sure every product meets or exceeds industry standards. Sturdy and secure construction. Perfect for your household. High quality product.


  • Sturdy and secure construction
  • Perfect for your household
  • High quality product