Dinkle DIN Rail Solar Combiner (DK10N)


This DIN rail-attached combiner block gives you a lot of flexibility when configuring the cables for your solar array. Simple to mount, it allows you to easily connect the cable(s) from your solar panels to the wires bringing that power to your solar charge controller. And with 10 pairs of attachment points, you can easily expand your system in the future. Easy-to-configure jumpers (manually trim them to the length(s) you need) allow you to join one block (with its set of wires) to another… so you can wire panels in series or parallel. Your choice!

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Technical Data (UL)Rated Voltage: 600VRate Current: 60AConductor Cross-section, Solid (AWG): 20-6Conductor Cross-section, Flexible (AWG): 20-6Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage: 8KVTorque (N-m): 1.3Screw: M4Wire Strip Length: 12-14mmInsulating Material: PATxHxW (mm): 10 x 49.3 x 42.9 (Individual Blocks)DIN Rail (mm): 35, 32Jumper/Bridge: Press-fit/InsertionThis assembly includes 10 DK10N Dinkle terminal blocks, 2 SS2 end brackets, 1 DK10NC end cover, and a DSS10N-10P press-fit jumper, all mounted on a 7″ piece of aluminum RoHS rail. The 6 gauge inputs are all in common.


  • Assembly for Solar Combiner or Power Distribution
  • UL 600V Rating
  • UL 6-20 AWG Rating
  • UL 60A Rating
  • All terminals in common