Plumbing Repair Tape (20ft roll)


Thanks to Murphy’s Law, it always seems like things go wrong at the absolute LEAST opportune moment (i.e. when you’re about a zillion miles away from the nearest hardware store)! So having a roll of plumbing repair tape on hand can mean the difference between enjoying your remote, dry-camping paradise… or spending all of your time on the road looking for parts! We haven’t needed ours very often… but when we have, we’ve been thankful we had it on board!

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Waterproof Rubber Silicone Seal Repair Plumbers Tape Self Fusing Rubberized Leak Tape 20 FT long 950 PSI By SolutioNerd

Number of rolls: 2
Length per roll: 10ft
What pressure can it withstand? 950 PSI
How many degreas can it withstand? -70 to 200 F
Common uses: Hose, Plumbing, HVAC, Gutter, Bucket, Seams, Vents Tupperware, Pipes, Roof, AC Unit, Waterbed and many more!
PLEASE READ: The tape will not stick to cement, walls, and is not intended to repair leaks on a flat surface where it cannot wrap onto itself. For any questions on use of the tape please ask a question above.


  • ✔ STOP LEAKS INSTANTLY – Waterproof tape seals around leaks or cracks creating an airtight barrier. Easy to use infographic/ instructions comes with the plumbing tape to show you how to stop those leaks immediately!
  • ✔ NEVER RUN OUT (EXTRA LENGTH AND ROLL) – Extra length and roll to really wrap leaks or seals tightly with as much silicone rubber duck tape as you need.
  • ✔ UNLIMITED FUNCTIONS HIGH AND LOW TEMPERATURES – Have a leak in your HVAC, Water heater or refrigerator? Silicone seal duck tape can withstand temperature extremes and still remain tightly sealed.
  • ✔ EASE OF USE COMES WITH INSTRUCTIONS AND BOX TO PRACTICE ON – Follow the simple 4-step instructions to create the perfect repair. Comes with a beautiful box that you can practice on before using on your items!
  • ✔ SEAL HIGH PRESSURE SPOTS – Leak in a hose? No problem, our self fusing rubberized tape was created with extra thickness and adhesive to help you stop leaks in the worst spots. PLEASE NOTE: Tape is not intended to repair leaks where it cannot wrap onto itself and create tension to establish a tight seal.