Replacement Day/Night Shade Cord (1.4 mm x 100 yards)


The cord in Day/Night shades is just one of those wear items on an RV that it’s a good idea to keep a supply of around. This 1.4mm diameter, polyester cord should work for most any RV… comes in a 100-yard roll (so you’ll have plenty on hand)… and is available in a variety of colors to match your shades.

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Whether you’re doing a DIY blind repair, have your own mini-blind business, or have another crafting project in mind for your Roman Shade/polyester lift cord, you won’t find a better deal on price or quality than this cord from SGT KNOTS! High strength to stand up to variety of uses, and available in multiple colors to suit any decor or decorative style, the SGT KNOTS Polyester Lift Cord is an affordable way to get your project done right.

Our polyester mini-blind or “Roman Shade” cord is available in spools of 100 yards with varying widths: 0.9mm, 1.4mm, and 1.8mm. If you’re using this cord to repair existing blinds or to build blinds with slats and other hardware you’ve already picked out, be sure to check the size(s) your hardware can take. When it comes to slat material, this cord is strong enough for years of use with plastic, aluminium, or wood, so don’t hold back!

SGT KNOTS Polyester Lift Cord can make your old mini-blinds more attractive while restoring their function, and is a popular material for a variety of crafts. As with all things made and sold by SGT KNOTS-proud to be a veteran-owned business-this cord is made in the USA and backed by the SGT KNOTS guarantee.


  • Polyester lift/mini-blind/Roman Shade cord
  • Available in widths of 0.9mm, 1.4mm and 1.8mm
  • Comes on spools of 100 yards
  • Multiple colors available; great for crafting or redecorating
  • Made in the USA and backed by the SGT KNOTS guarantee