Roadmaster Sterling All-Terrain Tow Bar


We couldn’t be happier with our Sterling All-Terrain tow bar… hooking up and disconnecting have never been easier! We have yet to experience the latch binding that plagued us with our old tow bar. The non-binding “Freedom Latch” really works! Uphill, downhill, steep angle… it doesn’t matter. Hooking up and unhooking is now a one-person job.

This tow bar includes the 6-to-7 wire umbilical cable for electrical connection and Roadmaster’s EZ Hook safety cables that work in conjunction with several models of their base plates/mounting brackets for the towed car. If you’re unsure if these will work with your base plate, please contact Roadmaster or a dealer to discuss (instead of EZ Hook cables, we used these Roadmaster 645 Safety Cables instead).

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Releasing your towed vehicle is easy with Roadmaster’s All Terrain tow bars…even when the tow bar is at a hard angle. Each is upgraded with Roadmaster’s exclusive Freedom Latch, which releases the tow bar at any angle or bind – first time, every time. Six-wire electrical cord, one 6-wire plug (attached) and one 7-wire plug

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