Romex 10/2 NMB Wire (25ft)


You can buy shorter lengths of cable like this at a big box hardware store (like Home Depot, Lowe’s or RONA). But if you’d rather just order everything online and have it show up at your door, this 25-foot length will leave you with extra for your next project!

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Inner conductors are type THHN, rated 90 degrees Celsius, 600 volt. Solid strands. Outer jacket is PVC, rated at 75 degrees Celsius. Amp rating of the product is limited to that for 60 degrees Celsius rated conductors per the National Electric Code Article 336. Dwellings not exceeding 3 floors above grade. Exposed or concealed wiring. May be fished through walls, ceilings, and masonry blocks. Use for new wiring or replacement wiring. Only for use in normally dry locations. UL Listed. /2 = 2 insulated wires with bare ground. /3 = 3 insulated wires with bare ground.


  • 10/2WG NMB Wire 25 Foot Roll
  • Above ground household use
  • UL Approved
  • Made in the USA
  • Uncoated copper conductors