RV Furnace Vent Screens


The packaging lists the things that these vent screens are good for: Mud Daubers, Wasps, Mice, Birds, etc. Apparently, “etc” includes BATS! After rousting a small colony of bats out of our refrigerator vent, we decided it was time to batten all the hatches and try to keep them out for good. And that meant covering up our furnace vents, too.

Watch the video about evicting our latest bat tenants!

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Mud Dauber Screens keeps pesky mud daubers, mice, wasps, frogs, birds and spiders from nesting in your appliances. These stainless steel screens and springs will not block air flow to and from your furnace. Installs easily with tension springs and installation tool (included).


  • RV furnace and fan unit outside fittings
  • Fits DuoTherm and Suburban
  • Item Diemension – Diameter: 2.75″ and Height: 1.25″