Studor Redi Vent – Air Admittance Valve


Everyone knows that the black tank stinks. But not everyone is aware that GRAY water can get pretty nasty, too. Especially if you’ve been dry-camping/boondocking for any length of time. The higher concentration of “stuff” to water makes it pungent. So if the air admittance valve (AAV) in your RV’s plumbing has gotten old or failed for some other reason, it could be allowing the smell of your gray tank to waft throughout the interior. NOT something you’ll be happy with. These Studor AAVs are likely higher quality than what came installed in your RV… for not that much more money.

Check out our Air Admittance Valve video here

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Compact Design For Tight Applications Vents Up To 6 Dfu’S Unique Patented Ball Valve Sealing Assembly Solvent Welds To 1-1/2” Or 2” Pipe Size Limited Lifetime Warranty For Replacement Of Defective Valves Listed To Nsf-14 And Asse 1051 Standards Warnock Hershey Listed Made in: United States Dimensions: 3.75 X 3 X 3Brand: Ips Corporation Item Weight: 0.325includes: Unit Instruction Guide


  • Plumbing/Plumbing Vents
  • Made in: United States
  • Dimensions: 3.75 X 3 X 3