Xantrex 160W Rigid Solar Panel Expansion Kit


We have four of these 160W Xantrex Rigid panels on our roof, mounted to SolaRVector powered tilt kits, wired in series to one another and then down to their own dedicated Xantrex Solar Charge Controller. They make up half of our 1,300W solar system.

We used “Expansion Kits” because we knew our system was too large to use the solar charge controller included in the “Solar Kits” Xantrex offers.

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All Expansion Kits include a 100W or 160W solar panel, branch connectors, and mounting hardware. Easily extend your solar system using one of Xantrex’s expansion kits. The roof mounted kits include all hardware including battery cables and built-in fuses for fast and worry free installation. No need to source additional fuses or use butt splice and heat shrink to seal connection to battery cables.


  • 160W rigid solar expansion kit
  • Includes solar panel, branch connectors, and mounting hardware