ZAGG Folio Keyboard/Case for iPad mini 4


Having an iPad (or mini, in our case) is great… both for productive and, well, LESS productive work. But it’s even better with a keyboard.  This folio case both protects our iPad and enhances it.  No more “pecking” things out on the onscreen keyboard.  With this, the iPad is more like a mini-laptop computer… and makes it a virtual laptop-replacement when we travel (away from the RV, that is)!

If you just want protection for your iPad, and don’t need a keyboard, we also use this knock-off Smart Cover/Case… that protects our mini without adding too much bulk.

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The ZAGG Folio is the thinnest and most diverse Bluetooth keyboard available. It features a unique hinge design that lets you position your screen at virtually any viewing angle, and also provides full-body protection to help keep your iPad mini free from scratches and dings. A powerful battery keeps it going for up to two years of regular use between charges.


  • Multiple viewing angles let you adjust your screen through 135 degrees – just like a laptop.
  • A fabric cover protects your tablet and keyboard while maintaining a look that complements your personality.
  • Island-style keys maximize space for faster, more natural typing.
  • Enjoy up to two years of typing between charges with its super powerful, rechargeable battery.