Our video introducing Boondockers Welcome shared this clever way to connect RVers with free, legal camping on private property. Not only were we welcomed like family by our gracious BW hosts here in Australia, but we also toured the most mondo custom-built 4-wheel-drive outback-tackling motorhome we’ve ever seen while we were staying with them.

Doug & Di are not only Boondockers Welcome hosts here in Woodgate Beach, Queensland, but they’re fellow RVers… on two continents! They currently tour Australia in their beautiful 40-foot coach, which is the second one they’ve customized themselves. For their extensive travels around North America (including Alaska), they own a second motorhome in the States.

Despite the fact that we visited over a holiday weekend when Doug & Di were entertaining relatives & friends (virtually all fellow RVers), we were welcomed like family. Just about everyone we’ve met Down Under has been gracious, generous & friendly, but this kind of hospitality took things to a whole new level.

Thanks to Doug & Di and their entire family for making us feel so at home. We really feel as though we’ve made new friends for life. And a special thanks to Peter & Marie for sharing details of their amazing custom “Peterbuilt” (as in “PeterBuilt It”) motorhome.

An extra-special thanks to Marianne & Anna for creating Boondockers Welcome, without which we would never have become an extended part of Doug & Di’s wonderful family. Don’t forget that RVgeeks viewers get a 15% discount on their initial membership with coupon code “RVGEEKS15” at www.BoondockersWelcome.com.

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  1. On behalf of Boondockers Welcome, thank you to TheRVGeeks for capturing this experience on video and, above all, to our members, Doug and Di (Woodgate Wanderers), for being such a wonderful example of what our club is all about!

    1. Thanks to you and Anna for creating a mechanism that provides so much more than a place to camp. It connects real people in real ways and has allowed us to make new friends half-way across the globe whom we could never have met otherwise. What better way to experience the joys of RVing than by making new friends for life. Thank you. Thank you.

      1. Fantastic clip Peter and John.
        Meeting you on your trip ‘down under’ was a wonderful experience for myself and my family. We enjoyed every minute of your company.
        I’m sure my granddaughter Megan will show this clip to her daughter Matilda many times over the coming years.
        Travel with safety and enjoy each others company.
        Thanks to Marianne for creating ‘Boondockers Welcome’
        x Myra (Doug’s big sister)

        1. So great to hear from you, Myra! And so nice to hear that you like the video. Meeting you and your entire family was positively the biggest highlight of our entire trip and we can’t thank you all enough to for your hospitality. Safe travels to you all. We sure hope to see you again sometime. – Peter & John

  2. I loved this! What wonderful, caring, dear people. I especially like the Mad Max Outback super RV..wow!! Just goes too show with skilled ingenuity anything is possible. Thank you for taking us on your adventures.

  3. i sooooooo AGREE with the dif types licenses,for dif size RV rigs, i wish the states would make some of these class a drivers go thru some sort of RV drivers course before they just turn them out on the roads&highways , i and im sure others can tell the rookie class A and BIG 5th wheels drivers ….

    and im NOT being mean here , im jus sayin!!!

    FYI ive been a professional CDL drivers 30+yrs

  4. This was a delightful video to watch.

    My first smile was when you did the turn around at the welcome sign to show how close the beach is. What a pleasing intro to the area.

    Peter’s Peterbuilt coach is amazing and really shows how resourceful some people can be. I’ll be willing to bet that Peter lives in a smaller town and not in a big city highrise.

    But I especially loved the clips of Matilda. That even made up for the welcome sign getting your names out of order. (J comes before P. )

    With Nikki & Jason’s update and now your posting it has been a great week for us followers!

    1. Hi John!

      “Peter doesn’t live in a big city high-rise” might be the understatement of the year! He made a face and complained about their upcoming trip being a “bitumen run” (on pavement), which he hates! We’ve been keeping up with the trip that Doug & Di are on… bush camping across the outback in their sport-utility (which they’ve specially prepared for the trip). They are all so rugged, self-sufficient and handy that it makes us feel more like RV Dorks in comparison. LOL

      We’re also thrilled with the progress that Jason & Nikki ( J before N :-P ) are making. Very excited for them.

      1. When Kathy & I went to Uluru a few years ago we met a some couples traveling the outback in camperized Land Rovers and other 4-wheel drive vehicles. You are right about it being rugged. I would not call it “RV’ing” as it is more like “DDD Adventure traveling” (DDD= dry dusty desert).

        Fingers crossed that Nikki & Jason (beauty before age ;) ) are now Admiral & Captain.

  5. Loved the video! Your Australian adventure is fueling my desire to replicate this trip sometime in the future. One of my favorite parts of traveling is meeting new and interesting people. It looks like everyone in Australia is very friendly and making your trip that much more enjoyable.

  6. Guys, love your videos, and it looks as if your have n a blast on vacation ! I’m almost at that age of retirement and looking forward in full time RVing one day . I’m a bit stumped on the process of getting there, you know selling the house getting rid of “Stuff” and buying the RV before or after the sale of the house, I’m sure many new bees out there facing same questions. So much to think about. Place to go to stay in the RV after you sell the house. Will I have enough room to take along my two African grey parrots, puppy & myself. One day hope to look back and say what was I worried about and Why did I wait so long to to go full time RV ing – I could of worked from my RV as I did from home office……Buying that Rig dealing with the sales people, RV that seems to call your name your new home on wheels. – how to get the best buy and anchoring a great deal without loosing it on the back end in the F/I dept things to lookout for traps of sales speak and non written promises. Setting up for either Solar or Wind for boon docking power. How to get everything fixed before the day you pick up that condo on wheels.Enjoy your vacation . Thanks in advance Rich Holiday FL.

    1. Hi Richard. You’re already doing the right thing…. watching videos, reading RV blogs, immersing yourself in the mindset in advance and starting to map out a strategy. We’d suggest the following a great resource for buying and living in an RV, which you’ve likely heard us mention before: http://gonewiththewynns.com who are loaded full of lifestyle posts about choosing, buying, setting up, living in and traveling in an RV. They are a treasure trove reference library of blog posts and videos that any aspiring RVer will find very helpful. Most of our videos are geared for those who already have RVs, but Jason & Nikki get into the details of planning more than we do. (Disclaimer… they’re personal friends of ours, but we really do respect and value their content).

      One other thing…. if you haven’t already done so, join the forums at http://irv2.com/forums and read, read, read. The posts from thousands of experienced RVers cover every conceivable topic, and people are eager to answer questions if you post them.

      Hope this helps a bit. Have a blast planning for your RV life. But one thing…. buy an RV BEFORE you sell your house! Our new Bounder was parked in our driveway for over 6 months before our house sold. But the day we closed, we drove away and never looked back. That was 13 years ago this month. :)

    2. Hello Richard,
      Two years ago we (my husband Frank and I) sold our home, The Old Schoolhouse in Maclean, NSW, Australia.
      Had 5 garage sales and got rid of all our stuff.
      Bought a caravan and a 4×4 Colarado and sailed off into the sunset. We did the big lap around Australia and arrived at Woodgate in April where we had the pleasure of meeting Peter and John.
      Life on the road suits us fine. Perhaps when we get older we will buy a little house and settle down.
      In the meantime we are fancy free and in our late seventies.
      Once you decide to RV full time, everything will just fall into place.
      Regards Myra
      (Doug’s sister and Matilda’s great grandmother)

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