It’s amazing how many lightbulbs there are in an RV. Just when we think we’ve pretty much completed our conversion to LEDs, we realize that there are still more that we want to do. So we’ve continued to order more bulbs and we’re sure there are still more left!

This time, we’re replacing our security, step well and reading lights. Of course LEDs are famous for their energy efficiency, and these are no exception. But sometimes other factors are even more important than power consumption. Heat output, for example. You’d think that a simple reading light wouldn’t draw enough power or produce enough heat to matter very much. Then you decide to read a book in bed on a sultry summer night and realize that the heat pouring off it is a big deal, even if you have plenty of juice in your house battery bank to power it.

Other bulbs, like the incandescent light in our step well, aren’t really a big problem from a heat or power perspective. But we’re upgrading some lights just because we hate leaving them out of the overall LED conversion! And since all those power-hungry little bulbs can add up, the fewer incandescent, halogen and fluorescent bulbs we have left on board, the lower our overall power draw. Now, whether we’re outside using the security lights, walking into the rig, or reading a book, we won’t be using more power, or generating more heat, than necessary.

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