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Pet Friendly RV Rentals: Bring The Fur Kids Along!

Pet Friendly RV Rentals: Bring The Fur Kids Along!

One of the many great things about camping and traveling by RV is the fact that you can bring your pets along! But what about travelers who are interested in renting a rig for a trip? Are there pet-friendly RV rentals, or do they have to leave their pets behind when they hit the road?

As it turns out, there are several pet-friendly RV rentals available for RVers who want to rent a rig. They all have different pet policies and it’s important to check the details if you’re considering renting an RV and bringing a pet (or pets) along.

In today’s post, we’re looking into pet-friendly RV rentals and the policies they hold where the renters’ pets are concerned. We’ll also highlight several of the most popular pet-friendly RV rental companies.

Let’s take a deep dive into pet-friendly RV rentals!

What’s a Pet-Friendly RV Rental?

A pet-friendly RV rental simply means that the RV rental company has rigs they’ll rent to pet owners. You can bring your pet or pets along when you travel in their RVs, but you’ll need to adhere to the company’s particular pet policy, and additional fees may apply.

Can I Bring My Dog to Campgrounds & RV Parks?

Many campgrounds and RV parks allow dogs, but each campground/RV park has their own policies that you must adhere to when camping with your pup.

For example, most campgrounds and RV parks will require that your dog is contained at all times, either in the RV, in a pet pen or RV pet fence, or on a leash. One way or another, campers absolutely must have control of their dogs at all times.

Many campgrounds and RV parks also have rules related to walking your dog, picking up after your dog (of course), and barking. Some even have breed restrictions, generally related to certain breeds that may be considered aggressive.

So, it’s very important that you seek out the policy of every campground and RV park you intend to camp at before you make a reservation. You want to be absolutely sure that you understand their rules and policies and that you can adhere to them.

Photo of a "no dogs allowed" sign

Make sure to call ahead to clarify a campground’s pet policy to avoid getting all the way to your destination only to learn that your pet is not allowed at the site.

You may find some campgrounds or RV parks where dogs are simply not allowed. You want to know this in advance so that you don’t arrive at a camping location expecting to stay there, only to be turned away due to a violation of their “no pets” policy.

So, when making a reservation, be sure to disclose that you’re traveling with your dog(s) and ask any questions in advance. RV park websites can also be a great source of information about pet policies.

What Popular RV Rental Companies are Pet Friendly?

There are many pet-friendly RV rental companies available to you. We’ll highlight a half dozen here, and we encourage you to reach out to any RV rental companies near you to inquire as to whether they offer pet-friendly rentals and what their policies are.

Cruise America

Cruise America rents Class C motorhomes of various sizes, capable of housing as few as three people and as many as seven. They also offer travel trailers that sleep up to four. One-way and round-trip rentals can be accommodated, and Cruise America has locations throughout North America, including in Alaska and Canada (making them a good option if you want to fly in somewhere and rent an RV once there).

Prices vary widely so you’ll need to contact Cruise America directly for information based on your interests.

What’s the Pet Policy for Cruise America?

Photo of a dog in the window of a pet friendly RV rental from Cruise America

Cruise America has a very lenient pet policy. Just be sure to return your RV in the condition it was in when you rented it. (Photo credit: Cruise America)

Cruise America has one of the most lenient and inviting pet policies in the RV rental industry. They ask only that you clean up after your pet(s) and return the RV in the condition you found it in when you showed up to rent it.

El Monte RV

El Monte RV offers one-way and round-trip RV rentals from various locations from coast to coast across the USA, with half of their locations on the west coast. El Monte has RV rentals in California, Indiana, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Florida, New Jersey, Washington, Illinois, and New York as well as in Tokyo, Japan!

El Monte RV is a pet-friendly RV rental company offering Class C and Class A RVs. Again, prices vary widely by RV, location, and the dates of your travel.

What’s the Pet Policy for El Monte RV?

El Monte RV has a very lenient pet policy and they don’t charge extra fees for bringing pets along. They ask that renters clean up after their pets and return the RV in its original condition. Note that extra fees may be incurred if the RV is not clean.

Escape Campervans

Escape Campervans rents Ford’s Transit and Transit Connect vans as well as E350 vans and even Jeeps to create camping vehicles. Some have pop-tops and all are equipped for camping, though they don’t have bathroom facilities.

These are very unique vans, hand-painted in unmistakably bright colors and fun designs. The vans are available in about 13 locations in the USA and Western Canada, but not all locations have every type of camper van. Most of their vans sleep two people. Escape’s website will let you know what’s available in each location.

What’s the Pet Policy for Escape Campervans?

Photo of a man and his dog relaxing beside their camper van rented through Escape Campervans

You’ll pay an extra $150 to bring your bestie along if you rent from Escape Campervans, but as you can see from the photo it’ll be well worth the cost. (Photo credit: Escape Campervans)

Escape Campervans will allow you to bring a pet along if you rent from them, but it’ll cost you an extra $150. This is an upfront pet fee only and doesn’t cover any damages the pet may cause (you’ll pay for those separately).

An important note – during the peak rental months of July, August, and September you probably won’t be able to get a pet-friendly RV rental from Escape Campervans.


Outdoorsy is an RV rental company that works a bit differently than the companies we’ve covered so far in this post. Outdoorsy is what’s called a “peer-to-peer” rental company. That’s where private RV owners list their rigs for rent and are matched with renters interested in the type of RV they have available.

Outdoorsy handles communication between RV owners and interested renters. The company also handles the rental agreement, payment, and insurance. However, owners set their own rules and policies for the rental of their RV.

On Outdoorsy you’ll find all types of RVs from tiny teardrop campers to travel trailers, Class A, B, and C rigs as well as vans. Most are fully equipped for a comfortable RVing experience with amenities you’ll choose as you search for the perfect RV for your family.

What’s the Pet Policy for Outdoorsy?

On Outdoorsy, pet policies are set by each individual RV owner.

In order to find a pet-friendly RV rental on Outdoorsy, use the search feature on the Outdoorsy website and take advantage of the “pet-friendly” filter. This will show you the listings for all of the RVs available on Outdoorsy whose owners allow pets. From there you’ll need to go to each listing that interests you and look for that particular owner’s pet policy and rules.

RV Share

Like Outdoorsy, RV Share is a peer-to-peer RV rental company connecting RV owners with people looking to rent RVs.

RV Share takes care of the business end of the rental including the provision of insurance. They list available RVs on a searchable website, accept payments from renters, and deliver payments to the RV owners.

RV Share generally has most types of RVs available including 5th wheels and smaller travel trailers as well as Class A, B, and C rigs and more. The availability of any type of RV depends on where & when you’re renting and what’s available in that area. You’ll simply search by city & state where you’re interested in renting the RV and then look through the listings for the type of RV you’d like to rent.

What’s the Pet Policy for RV Share?

Photo of two large huskies relaxing inside an RV

With the peer-to-peer RV rental services, the host (owner of the RV) determines the pet policy.

RV Share offers many pet-friendly RV rentals, but again, they’re available only if the RV owner has specified that pets are allowed. Here’s how it works:

You’ll enter your city & state of pickup and your desired rental dates. Click the big blue button that says “Search for all RVs”. Once you land on the next page, you’ll see a filter at the top of the page that says “Allows Pets”. When you use that filter, RV Share will show you only RVs in that area that are pet friendly.

RV owners set their own pet policies, so the policies will differ from rig to rig. Once you identify a pet-friendly RV that’s available on your desired dates, you can contact the owner of that rig for the details on their pet policy.


RVnGo is yet another peer-to-peer RV rental company with pet-friendly RVs. As with Outdoorsy and RV Share, RV owners list their available RVs (listings are free) on RVnGo’s website. Adventurers interested in renting an RV are connected with them via RVnGo’s search system.

RVnGo provides generous insurance on all rigs, and 100% of the booking cost goes directly to the RV owner.

RVnGo offers just about every kind of RV in the industry, from small campers to full-sized Class A rigs and everything in between. But like other peer-to-peer rental systems, availability depends on where (and when) you’re interested in renting. Rigs are available throughout the United States.

RVgeeks Tip ‘o the Hat (two hats): We’re pretty sure the owners of RVnGo are good keepers of the environment because for every RV rented through RVnGo, a tree is planted in the USA. That’s pretty cool. And with RVnGo’s popularity increasing year after year, that’s a lot of trees. Good on ya, RVnGo.

What’s the Pet Policy for RVnGo?

As with other peer-to-peer RV rental systems, whether RVs are pet friendly or not is left up to each individual owner. So, once you find the rigs available in your desired pickup area, you’ll want to make sure you’ve located a pet-friendly option, and then you’ll want to check out the specifics of the host’s pet policy.

If you find an RV that suits your family and your upcoming RV adventure perfectly, but you don’t see a mention of pet-friendliness within the listing, you can contact the host directly to ask.

Have You Ever Taken Advantage of a Pet-Friendly RV Rental?

Have you been able to travel with your pet(s) thanks to a pet-friendly RV rental? Let us know about your experience in the comments section below.

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