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Prevost RV: Ultimate Luxury Motorhomes, Ultimate Price

Prevost RV: Ultimate Luxury Motorhomes, Ultimate Price

Have you ever laid your eyes on a Prevost RV?

If you can’t remember for sure, then the answer is probably no, because Prevost bus conversion motorhomes are hard to forget once you’ve seen one!

In this post, we’re drooling over taking a peek at Prevost RVs, the ultimate luxury motorhomes… with the ultimate price tag.

How Is a Prevost RV Bus Conversion Different?

Prevost RVs are built on the Prevost bus chassis, a unibody structure designed to provide strength, rigidity, and longevity to the rig.

On most RVs, the chassis is simply the lower portion of the rig, from the floor down. This is even true of a big rig like our Class A motorhome that uses a diesel pusher chassis.

For this reason, it’s relatively common for the typical RV chassis to twist/torque to some degree when driving over uneven surfaces.

Illustration of a typical RV chassis that twists and torques on uneven road services

A typical RV chassis, built from the floor down, is subject to twisting and torsion on uneven surfaces. (Source: Marathon Coach)

When this occurs, anything attached to the floor of the rig, (for example, appliances, tile, cabinets, etc.) is also subject to that torsion.

However, due to the unibody structure of the Prevost chassis, it remains rigid regardless of the terrain it encounters, and the chassis floor and everything attached to it remains stable.

An illustration of the unibody structure of a Prevost chassis

The Prevost chassis is the benchmark of safety & strength, due to its unibody structure. (Source: Marathon Coach)

The Prevost chassis is known as a benchmark of safety and strength. Combined with the Volvo D13 powertrain, it’s a pretty unbeatable powerhouse.

Prevost has been making chassis for the RV industry since 1948. However, in the early days, Prevost wouldn’t sell a bus shell with slide-outs. This is because they didn’t want to compromise the rigidity of their chassis structure.

Over time, they’ve managed to engineer the chassis to include slides, and they now offer up to four.

Prevost intentionally pursued the “bus conversion” market, with a large support network for service when on the road.

In fact, with 150 service center providers, 11 service centers, and 13 field service managers, Prevost has the largest service network of any North American motorhome producer.

What Bus Conversion Companies Use Prevost RV Chassis?

North American Prevost chassis converters include:

All of these converters typically offer varying levels of custom designs, from floorplans right down to fabric choices.

As you’d expect, the interior appointments are definitely high-end (sometimes bordering on “over-the-top” luxury).

All offer a super smooth ride and an immense amount of basement storage. This is due to the unibody construction reducing or eliminating the intrusion of large front-to-back chassis rails typical of RVs that are built on Freightliner or Spartan chassis.

A Prevost motorhome chassis

Here you see a Prevost motorhome chassis, with slides and storage structures shown. (Source: Prevost)

Freightliner and Spartan chassis shown

The difference is obvious as we look at the Freightliner and Spartan chassis. (Sources: Freightliner and Spartan)

Let’s take a look at an example from each conversion company.

Marathon Coach

Marathon Coach exterior
Marathon Coach interior built on a Prevost RV chassis.


Liberty Coach

Liberty Coach exterior
Liberty Coach interior built on a Prevost RV chassis.


Emerald Luxury Coaches

Emerald Luxury Coach exterior
Emerald Luxury Coach interior built on a Prevost RV chassis.


Millennium Luxury Coaches

Millennium Luxury Coaches exterior built on a Prevost RV chassis.
Millennium Luxury Coaches interior built on a Prevost RV chassis.


Featherlite Coaches

Featherlite Coaches exterior
Featherlite Coaches interior built on a Prevost RV chassis


How Much Do Prevost Motorhomes Cost?

As you might imagine, there’s a wide variation between models, floor plans, and customizations across all of these bus conversion companies.

But what we can tell you for sure is that the cost of these Prevost RVs isn’t in the hundreds of thousands, but in the millions!

Feel free to click on the links above, and they’ll take you to the websites of each conversion company, where you’ll find more information on available Prevost motorhomes… and what it costs to buy one.

We’ll never own one, but we had a lot of fun looking, and we hope you do, too! (We’ve toured the Marathon factory twice, and love seeing how these high-end rigs are made.)

What’s the Correct Pronunciation of “Prevost”?

Before we go, we want to clear this one up.

Prevost is a company from Quebec, Canada. So, of course, the name is French.

Some pronounce the first half of the name as “PREE” while others pronounce it as “PRAY”. The correct pronunciation is the latter, “pray”.

In line with French pronunciation, the “ST” is silent.

So the correct pronunciation of “Prevost” is “PRAY-voh”, (accent on the first syllable).

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Monday 24th of April 2023

I saw the e-mail and figured that you made the leap to another RV. The older ones are pretty reasonable especially if you want something without slides.


Tuesday 25th of April 2023

LOL! Don't even suggest that, Richard... Peter would LOVE to have a bus conversion!

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