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We’re excited to announce our very first RVgeeks Contest! Ten lucky winners will each receive a free 1-year subscription to our favorite resource for locating free overnight places to park your RV – – prizes worth a total of nearly $250.

The contest ends on Monday, March 24, 2014 at 6 pm Pacific time, so watch the video for details and be sure to enter today!


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Like many RVers, we like to camp in a wide variety of locations. Even with our big rig, we spend time in National Park and National Forest campgrounds, boondocking on BLM land, in commercial RV parks and we even splurge occasionally on high-end RV resorts.

But when we’re in transit between those locations, has become one of our top trip-planning resources, currently listing over 11,000 locations around the US and Canada.


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Comments 32

  1. Here we are, 5 years later… do you still feel OvernightRVParking is still the single best free RV parking service on the web? We are searching for overnight RV parking options and will be subscribing to Harvest Hosts and Boondocks Welcome but wanted your updated opinion of OvernightRVParking.
    Kyle & Karin

    1. Post

      Hi Kyle & Karin! One clarification about all three of these options for anyone not familiar… overnight stays using all three of them are free, but all three do have an annual membership cost. That said, we do belong to all of them. For us “overnight parking” is primarily a quick stopover while we’re en route to some other destination, rather than a destination in itself. That means we look for places to stay while we’re in transit, often along more major routes, and sometimes kind of late on the day we want to stay, based on being almost ready to stop for the night. So the overall winner for us, which we use constantly, is No reservations or arrangements required, usually large parking lots with no disconnecting of the toad required, nobody to speak with (other than checking in at the customer service desk at Wal-Mart for example), and it doesn’t matter what time of the day or night we show up. Boondockers Welcome has an advantage in that hosts often allow more than one night, but for a rig our size, there are far more limited hosts who can accommodate us. We’ve used BW several times at destinations where other options weren’t available, and it was a lifesaver, and also met some lovely people. Harvest Hosts is great for people interested in wineries or farms, but they often straddle the line between “convenient overnight stop” and “destination” without exactly fitting into either category (often not on our way anywhere, limited to one night unless specifically invited to stay longer, but often lovely locations). The biggest issue for us with Harvest Hosts is the expectation to buy something. While we regularly patronize Wal-Marts when we stay, it’s because we want or need things, not because we feel we’re “supposed to” buy something. For our way of traveling (which isn’t right for everyone), when we want to stay somewhere just for the night because we simply need a place to sleep, we use OvernightRVParking as our primary tool about 95% of the time, BW about 5% of the time, and don’t use HH for that purpose at all. HH is more of a “we’re going through an area and visiting that winery sounds interesting, so might as well take advantage of being able to stay overnight, too.” It’s not a tool for us to map out a night’s stay as we’re nearing the end of a long travel day. For that, Overnight RVParking is our go-to resource every time.

  2. We are new at this and can’t wait to travel within our own country knowing that there are places to stop overnight free of charge on our way to each destination. This is an excellent resource, thank-you for putting the effort into this and sharing. It would be a bonus to win the contest. Fingers crossed.

  3. Thanks so much for this tip! We are new to Rving, our 2nd year. We have a son in Oregon and we live in Atlanta. So there is a LOT to see between here and there. My husband will retire after, 40 yrs the Army, next year. This will help with out travels.

  4. Awesome! Took me a few tries but so glad I kept at it. Excited at a change to win a subscription and follow you more. Thanks for all you do.

  5. This sounds like a dream come true contest. I’m a single parent who believes travel should be a part of every child’s life, finding something like this will help us see more of the world around us. Thank You for the chance to win a subscription!!! P.S. We subscribe to your YouTube channel and have learned so much. :)

  6. We have been members of since it began years ago, and frequently recommend it to others. I love all the details and the date of latest update given for each listing. It was that site that mentioned this contest and led me to your blog, which I have now signed up for. This looks like a great one to follow! Thanks for running this contest.

  7. Love your videos you have help use get off to a great start as full time RVers. Keep up the great work and be safe God bless

  8. I just love your videos and great help in repairs of RV’s. I always look forward to your new ones and the advise you give I have used many many times. Keep up the help we need it

    1. Thank you so much Vito! We have lots more videos planned, so stay tuned! And if you haven’t already entered our contest, please do, and best of luck!

  9. This would be a nice win for some newbies! Very cool! Thanks for posting content on your travels and such.

  10. PICK ME ! PICK ME !! I’m already a subscriber to your Videos and LOVE them !

    I’m also just starting my very long trek to Ontario and can use every resource available.

    I have many websites I use to find free over-night spots but just recently heard about this one. So your timing is great.

    Hey to Rita & Pat for me when you see them next.

    1. Hi Denise!! Sorry to be the bearer of potentially bad news, but we have no control over who wins! That’s all handled randomly by Rafflecopter! If if were up to us, we’d pick you for sure! :)

  11. Great info! I look forward to being able to utilize this website when I get back on the road this summer!!

  12. You folks do a terrific job. There are many choices for RV info but i reley on and trust your videos. They are well presented with concise yet through information. Your experience shows.
    Thanks and keep us posted.
    Al & Laura

  13. I just recently found your website and am enjoying the many videos and info here! I’ve learned more here in just a short time than I’ve learned from any other website so far. I have a new RV info source.. Thanks!

    1. I’m so happy to hear that we’ve been helpful. We appreciated all the tips we got from more experienced RVers when we hit the road nearly 11 years ago, and are happy to pass on everything we can to help out others. Hope you entered the contest today, and good luck!

  14. I have enjoyed your video’s, i have been subscribed to them for quite a while. I have learned a lot from them and saved some money and time. Thanks for sharing!
    Ralph & Debbie L.

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