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UPDATE 10/12/16 – 7:05 PM PDT: Amazon showing “In stock on October 20, 2016. Order it now” but we bet it will be before that, as Chuck from LogicBlue Technology says more are standing by. At least they’re accepting orders. smile

UPDATE 10/12/16 – 6:50 PM PDT: Some more just appeared in stock! Grab ’em while you can!! Looks like they’ll be coming in dribs & drabs. Stay with it everybody!

UPDATE 10/12/16 – 4:05 PM PDT: The first 50+ units that were “checked in” and available on Amazon sold out in 20 minutes! The good news is that Amazon has more than 150 more standing by waiting to be checked into their inventory system. There’s no way to know when they’ll show as “in stock” so just keep checking back every so often over the next few hours or tomorrow. The manufacturer has told us there are more on the way after this first batch, so don’t give up!

Apparently we’re not the only ones who love cool RV tech. When we posted our recent video about the new leveling device we’d discovered, we sold the company completely out of stock in a matter of days!


Our LevelMatePRO, mounted inside our laundry cabinet.

We were just notified by the manufacturer, LogicBlue Technology (formerly Command Electronics), that LevelMatePRO is now back in stock at Amazon for the first time in over a month. So if you missed out on the first round and have been waiting for a second chance, here’s your alert that they’re available again!

If you’re in the U.S., the only way to get a LevelMatePRO is right here on Amazon:

If you need yours shipped to Canada, LevelMatePRO is only available here: LogicBlue Technology

PLEASE NOTE: We’ve been informed that Amazon is currently receiving LevelMatePRO shipments of various quantities at several distribution centers at once. As a result of the way they re-stock their inventory, they may periodically show as “not in stock” again. We understand that it may take several days for them to be fully stocked in all shipping locations, so if you’re not seeing them available, just try back again later or the next day. They’re filling orders as fast as they can, and as of this post, they are indeed showing “in stock” right now. But there are hundreds of people waiting for this notification, and we wanted to let our viewers know first so you’ll have first crack at getting one!

We’ve had lots of requests from viewers asking us to announce the minute these are back in stock. Since the video now has nearly 25,000 views (and climbing rapidly), we don’t know how long they’ll be able to meet demand. So don’t miss out on your second chance, and grab one while you can. It’s a bit of a splurge… but it is pretty awesome. If you check out the Amazon reviews, you’ll see that we’re not the only ones who think so. wink

The display on our iPad or iPhone.

Displays on mobile devices.

We’re still having a great time with ours, and still smile broadly whenever we level. Having such a clear picture of exactly what’s happening while leveling is the greatest. And we love having the ability to choose the most level site available without even getting out of the RV.

If you don’t have a jack system, stay tuned for an upcoming video where we’ll be showing how the LevelMatePRO is even more valuable for you than it is for us. Since we got it, we’ve been learning about the challenges of leveling without jacks, and think you’ll love the improvement this cool piece of tech brings.

If you missed our video demonstrating the LevelMatePRO, watch it here!

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  1. Hi! Love your site with all the great help! Why do the manufacturers say not to open slides unless the jack stands are down? Is it for better operation of the slides as the motorhome needs to be level or for extra stability? Just curious about your thoughts. I’ve been to lots of dealerships etc where they open slides without using the jacks. It seems like they shouldn’t do it if the manufacturer says not to. Thanks and I look forward to more videos!

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      Hi Dawn! The main reason most manufacturers specify leveling before deploying slides is to reduce the strain on the slide motors (avoiding pushing or pulling a slide uphill) or having them operate at an odd angle. That said, most parking lot situations are usually level enough, and the slides aren’t so sensitive that it has to be exactly level, so the dealers aren’t likely doing any harm.

  2. My Thor comes standard with that technology. It’s called ” Rapid Camp” . From outside I can use the remote for : Slides , jacks, awning, outside light, and generator… it’s one of the best toys …. ;-)

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    2. My Thor has that too and it is nice, especially for the slide when you are not sure of the clearance. But it does not do the leveling jacks and the Lippert system they use is – shall we say spastic – and usually misses level. I use the Level Mate Pro and do the jacks in manual mode. It works so much better. If you haven’t tried one, you won’t be disappointed.

  3. Just installed the levelmatepro but have parked the MH for the winter. The reason your video enticed me to purchase unit was due to leveling than finding the jacks bottomed out before the MH was level. I envision that the unit will let me know how many spacers I will need before starting to level. Sometimes we’re in a spot where we can not move around to a more level spot. Just this past August while camping in the Redwoods, one jack required two spacers to level. Can’t wait to try it next spring!

    1. Post

      Great to hear, Rodney. Can’t wait til you get a chance to check it out in the spring. We found that the combination of helping us find the most level spot in the first place, combined with letting us know exactly how off-level we are, has definitely helped us minimize the number of times we have a jack max out. Of course there are times a remote camping location is so sloped that we just can’t get perfectly level, but now we always get the best results possible in any given area.

  4. I purchased the LevelMatePro right after watching your video about it, and I’m really glad I did. It’s been very helpful in determining where the most level spot in the campsite is before we lower our jacks to finish the job. It really is a time saver and kind of fun to play with as well.

  5. FYI guys: Last week I spoke to Chuck, the maker of the LevelMate Pro, when I had an issue with his app’s sleep timer update. We had a nice long chat, at which time he told me about another product that he will be releasing sometime next year. Ever wish you could operate your slideouts while standing outside, checking for clearance? His new product will replace the rocker switches that operate your slides and allow you to operate them with your phone via Bluetooth. This means that you will be able to open/close your slides without the necessity of a spotter. The upgrade will still allow you to operate your slides manually if the need arises, which I like. The only downside is that the upgrade is costly. $145 per slideout switch, so the more slideouts you have, the higher the cost. I’m a gadget guy, so I’m already saving my money, LOL!

    1. Post

      Hey Craig! Chuck told us about that cool new device on tap. If the LevelMate is any indication of the kind of innovation he’s capable of, we bet it will be a big hit!

    1. So I have 2 of LevelMate Pro’s in both of my trailers. I have not be able to use my devices because ever time I try to use them the batteries are dead and it is tough to get a blue tooth connection with dead batteries.

      Is there a setting that you can adjust to get your LMP to not burn up the batteries so fast?

      1. Post

        For sure! There was an update to the APP last year that allows you to set the sleep time (how long after movement has ceased that the unit will go to sleep). We set ours to the minimum (1 hour) and battery life has been great ever since.

        The manufacturer has a page for Troubleshooting on their website ( https://www.logicbluetech.com/troubleshooting )… scroll down to the section called “Maximizing Your Battery Life” to see more detail about how the system works… and step-by-step instructions for how to change the settings in the app.

    1. Post

      Hey Mark! The first batch sold out in 20 minutes as soon as we posted, but don’t give up! There are 150+ more at Amazon waiting to be checked into inventory. So they’ll show up unexpectedly as they roll into their system. Keep checking back.

  6. I too am a geek and am nearing completion of my skoolie. This sounds like the perfect addition to my equipment. The only thing I can’t find on Amazon while it is out of stock is the price. That would be handy to know so I can budget for it.

    1. Post

      Cool, Stephen… a skoolie! Awesome! When the LevelMatePRO is available on Amazon it retails for $139.99. Hope you can fit that into your budget, because it’s really great tech!

  7. I purchased 2 of the LevelMatePRO devices one for my 5th Wheel and one form my race car trailer. Installed one in my race car trailer and it paired up and worked grate!!

    1 week later, I went to get
    My trailer and I can’t get my iPhone to find it via Bluetooth and it hasn’t worked since! I will check the battery but I would hope the battery isn’t dead. You would think it wouldn’t be.

    Any thoughts or ideas?

    1. Post

      We’re pretty sure that the unit goes to sleep after 7 days, and we haven’t had any trouble with ours. We’re going to reach out to Chuck at LogicBlue, the manufacturer. He’s great about helping out. Stay tuned!

    2. Hi Paul,

      Thank you for being a customer and glad you like the product! With the product just coming back in stock on Amazon today, I am quite busy this evening… but never too busy to respond to a customer. Please read the “Maximizing your battery life” section of our website here http://www.logicbluetech.com/troubleshooting to get an explanation of how the system works. My guess is that your unit has been sitting and the device is in the “sleep” mode. There is an updated version of the app that will help with setting up your LevelMatePRO to best suit your needs for connectivity. After you read the above section of our website you will have a better understanding of how to best balance your device usage and battery life. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. You can email me at chuck@logicbluetech.com or call me at 828-549-8199.


      Chuck Leonard
      LogicBlue Technology

  8. Done! This looks amazing for boondocking in the desert and finding the flattest place with the least jack use before I stop.

    Thanks RV Geeks for finding this!

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