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UPDATE: Check our our latest Ruggable video here!

RVing can be a dirty business. Imagine how hard it would be to keep the inside of your sticks & bricks house clean if you built it in a dusty, wooded area on an undeveloped lake and had kids and/or pets running in and out of it. Now jam all that activity down into a 300 square foot space, and you have a typical RV camping trip.

We’ve discovered a great way to help keep the RV clean and looking good: a patented 2-piece washable area rug called Ruggable. We like them so much that we’re giving away $500 worth in our latest RVgeeks Giveaway! Watch the video for details, then enter for your chance to win!


Even though RVing is a pretty luxurious way to go camping, it still involves bringing our home into environments that are pretty undeveloped. Pavement is often a rarity in many campgrounds, especially in state & national parks and forests and other wild lands.

The #1 way we keep the inside of our 10-year-old motorhome clean is by taking off our shoes. But we do like the warmth and comfort of carpeting under our stocking feet. Our RV is not entirely carpeted, and most RVs built these days have none at all.

While we’re okay with bare floors, they beg for an area rug. But rugs are tough to keep clean because they’re either too big to wash, or not washable at all. Since we love discovering cool RVing products, we’re happy to be sharing our latest find. We think Ruggables are ideal for RVers, but they can of course be used in any home.

We’ve had ours for several months and like it so much that we’re giving away $500 worth of them in our latest RVgeeks Giveaway! On Sunday, May 31, 2015 at 5 pm Pacific Time, two lucky RVgeeks viewers will each win a $250 gift certificate for They can then select their favorite size, pattern and color of two-piece, washable area rugs.


On Sunday, May 31st, 2015 at 5:00PM Pacific Time, TWO lucky RVgeeks viewers will each win a $250 Gift CertificateUse the form below to enter for your chance to win the same awesome two-piece, washable area rug we use in our RV.


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Comments 36

  1. My honey and I love your “YOU TUBE” channel. You are a wealth of knowledge. I have been working on our rig (04 holiday rambler) since we bought it. Replaced many things and upgraded a lot. Thanks for all your help along the way.

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  2. Just what I have been looking for my husband who travel with his rv to job site and my own rv that I work from grooming dog’s

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  3. This sounds great for a hard surface. However, can it be used on carpet? We use a 3′ x 10′ hall runner to cover the carpet so the carpet stays half way clean. This ruggable rug would be great if it also worked on carpets.

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      Hi Rod. Ruggable says they’re designed for use on hard surfaces only. I’m guessing the flexing of the carpet underneath it would prevent the pad and the cover from staying properly stuck and lined up together? I just checked their website and the FAQ section says “We are working on a carpet version. Stay tuned!”, so I guess there should be one on the way at some point.

  4. We have a puppy who loves to play ball at home and in the camper. She tends to slip on the linoleum and this would be perfect for her.

  5. Love these rugs, but never have any luck at winning, I’m hoping my luck will change! Great video’s and website!

  6. Between a husband who doesn’t remove his shoes, and a dog who doesn’t wear them, I could really appreciate a rug that lays flat for vacuuming and can easily be put into the washing machine when vacuuming just isn’t enough.

  7. Cool rugs. The Wife says “I want”; If she wants it, that’s usually a sign that it’s good.

  8. Those rugs sound fantastic. Would be great for us especially since we are newbies in our new travel trailer. Forest River Rockwood. Learning so much from you guys.

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  9. Thanks for another great idea.

    I thought you defaulted to “Notify me of follow-up comments by email.” Did I misremember that?

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      Hi Elizabeth. I don’t think it’s a default. If I have it right, you should have to manually check to the little box if you want to receive follow-up comments by e-mail. Doing that should send you any replies to your comment. We’ll take a look at it to confirm the functionality.

    2. Post

      Quick follow-up…. it probably defaults to “checked” if you’ve selected that option before and may get re-set if the cookie expires or you use another browser or device.

  10. Looks like a good product. The real challenge will be to see if our cats (4) hair washes out or continues to cling.

    Hey RVgeeks guys. You should send me one to cata-test. Understand, you have alpha, beta and cata tests levels. Cata tests are the most demanding as cats sometimes like to scent test new additions to their domain. Fur is a secondary consideration.

    cheers from New Mexico. On our way back to Calif after 3 months on the road.

    re, mike

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  11. This is perfect for us for the kitchen in our MH. The dog eats and likes to lay down there, and we can’t get her to wear shoes outside nor not eat like an animal…

    Also to cover some of our carpet by the front door since we motorcycle ride and dirt camp and tend to track stuff in and out. We have random mats and carpets there now that I take outside and pressure wash once in a while, but throwing the top of one of these in the washer seems to be a much better solution.

  12. A box came up at the end of the video which read: “Enter the Giveaway: RV” Running my mouse to that box brought up a yellow stripe across the bottom of that box which read: “Click Here to Enter the Contest”, which is what I did. It opened a new screen which read “Error 404, page not available” which then infilled with the paragraph sent to you first.

    I just repeated what I did again, and this time it just re-opened the same video page again. Go figure! Can’t find any other button that the other may have clicked on.

    Hope it helps.

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      Thanks Bob. Just want to be sure you were able to enter successfully. Sorry that things are a bit confusing though. We’re reaching two audiences at once: here on our website, and people who just watch us on YouTube. If you’re already here on the site, you can just scroll down to enter rather than click…. which just brings you right back to the same page anyway! lol We’ll work on it to see if we can’t make it more intuitive for everyone. Thanks for the feedback.

  13. I want to thank you for this timely info. With my son, we are first time leaving in an RV. (1 week), I am following as closed as I can all your advices. And this one is perfect because we had family and friends over for a visit and the dirt stay with us lol. I was thinking about what to do with the floors and if I was going to find something that works. Excellent help. Thanks keep up with the good work.

  14. Something wrong with your Contest link following the video. Got this:

    “Oops! The page you are looking for is no longer here, or never existed in the first place (bummer). You can try searching for what you are looking for using the form below. If that still doesn’t provide the results you are looking for, you can always start over from the home page.”

    1. Post

      Hi Bob. The giveaway just went live 15 minutes ago and there are 40 entries already, so it must be working. Can you let me know which link you clicked on (in YouTube, on the website, etc). If there’s a problem, we definitely want to fix it!

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