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We took delivery of our new RV on May 17, 2005, so if we’ve got our gazintas right, it turned 12 this past spring. How old is that in dog years? Part of taking great care of our home is refreshing and rejuvenating components as needed to help keep it looking and feeling young.

As you may have noticed, we’re very meticulous with our rig (okay… you can all say it together: “anal retentive”). We readily & proudly cop to that label, since to us it means we take great care of our equipment.

A couple of years ago, we featured our Ruggable 2-piece washable area rug. We’re always on the lookout for cool new products that enhance our lives as RVers, and this was a great find. It’s especially useful for RVers with pets, who need to wash their rugs more often. And now that tile and hardwood floors are de rigueur for RVs (vs carpeting like we got back in the olden days 12 years ago), lightweight washable area rugs are more useful than ever. So we’re excited to be giving away a $250 Ruggable Gift Certificate in our latest RVgeeks Giveaway.


We’ve shared many of our projects, like awning, slide topper & mattress replacements, headlight and faucet upgrades, and the addition of new features like our awning privacy panel. And there are more that we haven’t mentioned, like getting our chairs and couch pillows reupholstered, and the addition of a new water purification system (stay tuned for complete details about that one in an upcoming video). wink

If you’re reading this, or watching the video, after the giveaway has ended and you’d like a Ruggable of your own, visit Ruggable.com and select your favorite style and size rugs and pads.

We’re happy that so many of the fine companies whose products we use on our rig have agreed to offer discounts to our viewers. To see all of them in one place, check out our Discounts Page.

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On Sunday, September 24th, 2017 at 5:00PM Pacific Time, one lucky RVgeeks viewer will win a $250 Gift Certificate for use at Ruggable.com! Use the form below to enter for your chance to win.

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  1. Went to the RV show in Abbotsford, BC, yesterday and there was a booth displaying (and selling) the Ruggable 2-piece washable area rugs. If I knew I was going to lose your contest I would have picked one up, but I did get his contact information just in case.

    The colour and pattern choices are amazing. One thing that surprised me was they actually have a white ‘shag’ rug that looks like something you’d see on a 1970’s apartment for rent ad.

    By the way – you are correct that the pads come in one thickness only.

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      That’s so cool that Ruggable is at the Abby show while our giveaway is running! We had no idea they’d be there. Great to hear that they’ve got a display with lots of choices to see. Best of luck in the giveaway, John, but glad you got the contact info… just in case. :)

  2. We have 4 of the Ruggables running the length of our coach. We bought them after your first video about them. Of course we used the discount code. Keep up the great work. Thanks.

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  3. These look great for our pet friendly RV home! Thanks for bringing them to our attention and for the opportunity to win one!

    1. Post

      Our pleasure, Yvonne. We love our Ruggable and think they’re really great for use on RVs. ESPECIALLY for those with pets or kids… so easy to just peel up the cover and toss it in the washer! Hope they work as well for you!

  4. You guys are great and we look forward to your videos. We like the way you take care of your rv. We do the same with ours. So much more enjoyable when they are kept in nice shape. Sure would be fun to cross paths with you guys sometime. Maybe we will, who knows.

    1. Post

      Thanks so much for the nice comments, Bill & Connie! We agree that there’s a lot of satisfaction to be had from taking good care of your gear. Maybe we will see you on the road… if we’re not all blinded by the sun shining off our rigs as we approach each other. ?

  5. I knew there was a reason I subscribed to your page notifications…. so I get the good info first :-) Another great video, and your timing is perfect. I’m putting in hardwood floors over the “off season” and was already looking into rug ideas. Thanks.

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  6. Ruggables are just what we need for our full-time RV! Thank you! You guys are the BEST!
    We “talked” a while back about washing the carpets in our pet friendly RV. We chose to follow your advice regarding professional cleaning. Protecting our clean carpets with OTC rugs that don’t stay in place and cannot be washed easily have been a thorn in my side since. (We also invested in a “Rug Doctor” brand portable carpet cleaner to keep the carpets clean. This came recommended by the people who cleaned our carpets because it extracts 99% of the water leaving carpets almost dry. Works great and it’s compact!
    I cannot wait until next year when hopefully we will have enough saved for new flooring! I’m done with carpet!
    Now to enter the contest :)

    1. Post

      Hi Joy! Sounds like your carpets are in great shape! One thing to keep in mind about Ruggables is that they’re excellent on hard floors, but don’t work as well on top of carpeting, due to the flexibility underneath them preventing the pad and cover from staying well connected to each other. Absolutely enter the giveaway and even if they don’t work perfectly on your carpet, you’ll be all set for your new floors next year! :-)

      1. Absolutely! They may not stick to the carpeted areas as well but at least I can wash them with ease. I am a clean freak! LOL!

  7. You are doing something right, for a 12 year old Full Timer rig, your RV is near new immaculate. I know the Ruggables work well and are easy to store when the slides are in, and washing them in a standard machine is awesome.

    My poor RV is sometimes used and abused… and I have been know to sneak into the fridge to grab a drink tip-toeing rug to rug with motorcycle boots on… (at which point my wife shakes her head)…

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  8. We are one week into full time Rving and would like to thank-you for your videos,they have made our transition so much easier and safer ,our Journey begins October 10 leaving North Western Ontario (Thunder Bay) …we will watch for you guys along the road…
    Thanks again Pete& Wendy

    1. Post

      One week in! How exciting! We remember the palpable thrill (and a little trepidation!) of leaving the sticks & bricks house. Hope you’re having a great time, too, and looking forward to crossing paths out here sometime. Safe Travels, Peter & John

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  9. Thanks for posting another video. This would be a great giveaway to win.

    One quick question: can you get thicker non-stick pads? We have one area rug with a thicker underlay and I do like how it feels. I checked the website but it looks like they show only one rug pad, the one you show in the video.

    P.S. your editing is getting more impressive every video. I’m quite impressed with the standing on the changing patterns sequences.

    1. Post

      Hi John! We’re pretty sure there aren’t any thicker pads, as they’re specifically designed to pair/cling with the covers and hold them in place on the floor. They do come in various sizes matched to whatever rug cover size you choose.

      Thanks for noticing that effect with the rug transitions! We had to call in the Star Trek team to beam each one in under my feet at the appropriate moment. LOL

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