We’re excited to announce that along with Tyler from Tough Top Awnings, Steve from M4 LED Products will also be joining us in Quartzsite, AZ this weekend. And they’re both offering the same special 10% RVgeeks discount, whether you’re joining us during the show or not!

Come see us at Quartzsite Town Park on Saturday & Sunday, Jan 21 & 22, 2017 from 10 AM – 4 PM both days, where Tyler will be installing slide toppers. Both Tyler & Steve will also be available for questions, and will both be raffling off some fun prizes, too!

Quartzsite Town Park is on Plymouth Rd, just north of E. Quail Trail St. Here are the exact GPS coordinates: 33.677422, -114.208404

If you want Tyler to install new slide toppers on your rig, but you can’t join us at the park, he’ll be available to come directly to your Quartzsite-area campsite from 1/23-1/29.

If you want Tyler to bring new slide toppers with him to Quartzsite and install them for you, it’s not too late to order them… but it will be soon, since he’ll be en route from Vancouver, WA to the show!

Both Tough Top Awnings & M4 LED Products are offering a special a 10% discount to all RVgeeks viewers on anything you purchase on their websites. That’s DOUBLE the usual 5% RVgeeks savings! And the discounts are good on all purchases on both websites, regardless of whether you’ll be joining us at the show or not.

Stop by and say “Hi” this weekend!


From now until the end of the Quartzsite RV show (1/29/17), Tough Top Awnings is offering a DOUBLE discount for RVgeeks viewers. Use the Discount Code “RVGEEKS10” to get a 10% discount on your entire order at ToughTopAwnings.com. You can use the code for phone orders, too! That goes for ALL orders (both awnings & slide toppers) placed between now and 1/29/17, whether you’re having your slide toppers installed at the show or not, or even if you’re not coming to the show.


From now through 1/31/17, M4 Products is offering a DOUBLE discount for RVgeeks viewers. Use the Coupon Code “RVGEEKSQ10” to get a 10% discount on your entire order at M4products.com. That goes for ALL orders placed from now through 1/31/17, whether you’re at the show or not.

If you’re not able to make it to the show this year, you can always have Tyler do your installation at the new Tough Top Awnings facility right outside Vancouver, WA (just north of Portland, OR) on your way up or down I-5. And back at the shop, he can do awning replacements, too. ;-)

Of course our usual 5% discount/coupon codes will be back in effect immediately after the Quartzsite show:

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    1. If you have a batwing antenna or ladder, you can mount it the way we showed in our video. If not, we’d suggest visiting WiFiRanger’s website and looking at models with “FM” in the model number (FM = “flat mount”). Congrats in advance on your new camper!

  1. I have a tear in my factory awning that I’ve been nursing for years with Gorilla tape. I had my eye on these Tough Top awnings since you first talked about then. 10% off?! Time to pull the trigger. I just ordered mine today. Thanks!

  2. I am trying to find out where the Monaco Rally will take place in QZ.. I cant seem to find it on line anywhere.. woule able to find it for me. I am in Yumad you b

  3. I want to thank both RV Geeks and Tough Top Awnings for the 10 % discount I received for my fabric replacement for my awning and slide topper. I installed both yesterday and took less then 2 hours to complete both… The fabric from Tough Top was so much thicker then the fabric I had replaced. Of course it was so easy with your DIY videos. Thanks again

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