10 Quick RVing Tips & Tricks… plus our latest contest winner announced!

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Someone just won a CoolBulbs HID headlight conversion kit worth up to $250 in our latest RVgeeks Giveaway. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to find out who it was.

Just over a week ago, we marked 12 years on the road. We were total RV newbs at first, but now we know how to manage just about every system and task on our motorhome just fine. Over the years, we’ve learned lots of little tips and tricks to make RVing easier, so we’re sharing 10 of our favorites.

Not that there’s anything Earth shattering in this video, but it is possible that even a seasoned full-timer might pick up an idea or two that hadn’t occurred to them before. Even after all this time, we still occasionally hear about, or figure out, new ways to do things. At this point, those epiphanies are usually accompanied by a “DOH!” (think Homer Simpson) and “How did we not figure that out until now?!”

We hope you find at least one new idea here to make your RVing life a little better. This is just a small taste of the type of things that non-RVers would never even think of. But we definitely don’t know it all, and there are still tons more ideas out there. So please add your comments below with your own little tricks and tips. Don’t be stingy… share them with the rest of us!

Now about that Giveaway…

A hearty “Congratulations!” goes out to Elizabeth S. (entry #1,273) who’s won a CoolBulbs HID headlight conversion kit! She’s planning to install it into her Thor Class C motorhome and looking forward to improving her night driving visibility.

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  1. Would you explain what you do if one of your tire temperatures measures differently? I have no idea what it could mean, but would like to know. Thank you!

    1. Post

      Hi Cynthia! The reason for checking the temperature at all is because the first thing that will happen to a tire being run under-pressure is that it will heat up more than usual when underway. Since you have to take tire pressures “cold” (before driving and before exposure to strong sunlight), you can’t get accurate pressure readings once you’re on the road, such as at a rest stop. But a quick pointing of the temperature gun at each tire will reveal if one is noticeably hotter than the others, indicating that it may be losing air. If one side of the RV is facing the sun while driving or parked, the tires on that side may heat up a bit more than those in the shade, so keep that in mind if one side’s readings are several degrees hotter than the other. What you’re looking for is a considerable difference in one tire vs all the others. If you do take readings and one is hotter, that’s the time to take a pressure reading with your air pressure gauge. You may then find that even hot, when the pressure should be higher as a result, that that tire isn’t even up to cold PSI. Running low pressure is a prime cause of blowouts, so it’s prudent to be aware of tire condition as much as reasonably possible, and the temp gun makes it quick and easy (and fun)! Hope this helps.

  2. BRAVO on another wonderfully informative video, Guys! Didja know: You can brush your teeth with baking soda, too?? Just an FYI… Use it as you will. ;) J3

    1. Post

      Thanks so much Tori. We spoke with Miss Elizabeth on the phone and she was so happy. Said she hadn’t won anything since she was a little kid… and that was a bag of groceries. Unless the groceries were mostly chocolate-based, we hope that this was much more exciting. :)

  3. loved the tips picked up a couple BUT Aluminum Foil it isn’t a good thing to be cooking with google it : (
    but I will be using some of the other things I saw : )

    1. Post

      Hi Chris! Thanks for the feedback and input. We Googled all right! We’ve been reading all about cooking with food in contact with aluminum… baked potatoes, grilling etc. What appears to be a very reasoned and succinct summary of the articles we’ve found (we’re still Googling and reading though) is the following from the George Mateljan Foundation, which promotes health and a healthier world:

      “We do not recommend cooking or storing food in aluminum foil – even though there is no strong scientific evidence showing these practices to be harmful to your health. We have three reasons for making this recommendation. First, even though research studies don’t show the food use of aluminum foil to be harmful, they clearly show migration of small amounts of aluminum from the foil into the food. For example, in one study conducted in Italy about 2-6 milligrams of aluminum was found to move over into food from aluminum foils, cookware, and utensils. Even if this amount has not been show to pose health harm, we don’t like our food containing a potentially problematic metal that wasn’t naturally supposed to be there.

      Second, we believe that the jury is still out on aluminum with respect to chronic long-term health problems. (We’re talking here about exposure to aluminum from all sources, including the environment, certain workplace settings, personal care products, etc.) Potential connections have been found between certain cancers and aluminum exposure, and also between aluminum exposure and Alzheimer’s disease. Infertility connections have also been found. We don’t see any reason to add potential exposure through the use of aluminum foil with food.

      Finally, we don’t like the consequences of aluminum foil manufacturing for our planet. Aluminum remains on the federal government’s list of priority toxins for the United States, and its mining, manufacture, and post-use disposal pose significant problems for our environment. From our perspective, while aluminum foil is definitely lightweight, flexible, and convenient, these upsides don’t come close to outweighing the downsides here.”

      Based on everything else we’ve read, this sounds pretty rational.

      As a cancer survivor, and a generally health-conscious person, I stopped using aluminum-based antiperspirant years ago (it was male breast cancer, and the underarms seemed a little to close to home on that one)! But I honestly never thought about the possibility of aluminum from foil being able to leach into foods, since unlike an antiperspirant it doesn’t seem to be in a form that would allow it to migrate into other substances… like skin or food.

      I appreciate your input and will continue reading, and looking into alternatives… possibly a stainless steel griddle, which I have read about some people using. We might even say the heck with aluminum foil altogether and let the top of the grill get greasy! We’ve added an annotation to the video that says “NOTE: Some people recommend not cooking on foil” to bring the topic to people’s attention. By the way, I’m also not a big fan of too much grilling over charcoal fires for the same reason: potential exposure to carcinogens.

      Thanks Chris!

      1. Just wanted to say I totally grew up with aluminum foil and just about a year ago heard a radio program with Martha Stewart talking about it… so because my guy also has been down the cancer road we just have been trying to be better. But in saying that the other night he did some slow cooking ribs and used parchment paper over them before the foil :) Just don’t think that will help you with the grease lol. Thanks for your info !!!

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