Headlight Restoration — Best method yet for restoring plastic headlight lenses

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Here’s how we cleaned and restored our cloudy, yellowed headlights to like-new condition. This is the third method we’ve tried, and while the others worked to some degree, this one holds more promise than ever!

We’ve been towing our CR-V around by the nose for nearly 17 years, and it’s never been garaged. Spending most winters in the Desert Southwest sun certainly doesn’t help matters.

In this video, John takes you through a Real-Time DIY, showing you in near real-time, with very little editing, h0w easy it is to get your cloudy, yellowed plastic headlight lenses looking like new.

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  1. Wow John, you can be salesman of the year. it looks so much easier to use then the toothpaste treatment. But the proof is in the pudding, let us know how long it lasts Please. Good video, fortunately for me my vehicles are all new ones and don’t have to worry about this just yet.

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  2. I would really like to, but your system does not like me and when I tried to login through Google apparently I do not exist!! BS!!

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  3. Hi guys!
    I got this tip from You Tube channel “Sweet Project Car” .
    Use Mothers Mag Polish on the cloudy yellow headlight lens.
    I know it sounds like it will scratch but it works really well!
    Cleaned up our 2005 Camry quickly and easily. Much better than the kit I bought from auto parts store.
    Kathy G

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      Thanks for the tip, Kathy. There are definitely lots of ways to solve this problem (we’re now on our THIRD, LOL!)… but all of those options for cleaning/polishing the lens… don’t do anything to protect it from aging/yellowing/oxidizing again. Which is why we’re so eager for this product to be our new go-to option. If we only have to do this once every 9-12 months… we’ll be thrilled (other things like cleaning wipes & toothpaste require us to do it about every 2-3 months, depending on exposure to the sun)!

  4. Now THAT is the BEST DIY headlight restoration I have ever seen. The results are noticeable and a much better than even the $45 service I paid at a Wall Art once. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Wow! You guys are so popular that M4 is out of stock on the headlight restoration kit! I’ll keep checking back to see when they get more product in. My 2010 Honda Fit’s front lamps look even worse than yours did, so this is a project you’ve done that I can really appreciate.

  6. We just watched your show on Discovery. Have to say your Youtube channel is better, only because Discovery has too many commercials for such a short show. Content is good just needed more.

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      Hi Victoria! Check out the show on Google Play or iTunes, or (coming soon) Amazon Prime Video…. or on PBS beginning in January. There are no commercials and expanded bonus content! Next week’s episode will have a special feature about the two of us, available on all of those platforms that won’t be broadcast on Discovery.

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