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This is the “alternate” installation method, which is well-suited for deep slide-outs. To see the “standard” installation technique, check out our two videos on the topic. One is the “express” version, which show the installation only. The other is the full-length version, which shows how to take correct measurements for ordering, placing the order online, and the actual installation itself.

We bought this excellent RV slide topper fabric from Tough Top Awnings. It is obviously superior to the original fabric… and far less expensive. Ray (the owner) took great care of us and followed up to be sure we were all set. He runs a great company and we highly recommend his replacement fabric (be sure to tell him you heard about Tough Top Awnings from RVgeeks)!

Our favorite type of DIY RV project is one that is both surprisingly manageable and also saves a lot of money. Slide topper replacement fits that description to a T by being much easier to accomplish than one might expect and costing as little as 1/2 to 1/3 the price of having it done at an RV shop.

As an added bonus, aftermarket slide topper fabric readily available online is often superior to the original material. Our large front driver’s side A&E slide topper was coming apart after only 7 years and had to be replaced.

For this project, you’ll need two stepladders, two people and a couple of basic tools. If you thought that replacing your slide-toppers was out of your league as a DIY RVer, watch this video first, and you may change your mind!

We demonstrate the entire process and describe in thorough detail what’s involved. And since we’re replacing the largest topper on our RV by far, replacing any other one is even easier, since they’re much smaller.

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  1. Just replaced 13’6″ slide topper on A&E. 1 hr start to finish. Thanks for tips before we started. Now that is assembled. Need to take up a little slack. Perhaps one roll. How do we do that?

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