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RettroBand: The RV Tire Blowout Protection System from NIRVC

RettroBand: The RV Tire Blowout Protection System from NIRVC

RV tires are such a critical safety topic that we talk about them a lot. You may have read our recent post entitled Why Do RV Tires Blow Out? What Can I Do to Prevent It?

Most of us are aware that the loss of steering control that can occur after a front tire blowout can be a life-changing (or, yikes, life-ending!) experience. But there’s an invention out there that can save you and your motorhome from catastrophe in the event of a dreaded front tire blowout: RettroBand.

If you’re not familiar with RettroBand and you’ve got a heavy motorhome, namely a Class A or a large Class C, read on for information on this innovative tire safety system.

If you’ve ever driven a large motorhome, you may have found yourself wondering what would happen if you were to experience a front tire blowout while driving that heavy rig down the road at highway speeds.

In the past, the standard course of action in the event of a steer-tire blowout was to hold on tight trying to maintain control, hoping to get out of the situation without anyone getting hurt… or worse. Drivers are also advised to respond by doing something completely counterintuitive: step on the accelerator and avoid the brakes!

That’s because you don’t want to shift even more of the weight and mass of the RV onto the front wheels during a front-tire blowout, which is exactly what hitting the brakes would do. But how many of us would have the wherewithal to remember to instantly hit the gas in the sudden, jarring event of a blowout? And would you even have time to react at all before losing control?

So today we’re showcasing the RettroBand Version 2.0 – an innovative wheel enhancement and safety device for motorhome owners that could literally save your life. If that sounds like hyperbole, watch the incredible demonstration in the video embedded at the bottom of this post and see for yourself!

This is obviously really important stuff, so let’s dive right in.

What Is RettroBand?

RettroBand is a tire safety product exclusively distributed & installed by National Indoor RV Centers.

RettroBand Version 2.0 is a system that’s installed on the front wheels. The band is made of polyurethane composite with a strong steel band in the middle.

They’re designed to ensure that your motorhome remains stable and under control should a front tire blow out, which can be a truly serious and dangerous event.

The product was created for heavy Class A motorhomes and larger Class C motorhomes because a blowout on a front axle tire of these heavy rigs can lead to a sudden loss of air and tire shredding, dropping the rig onto the tire rim, potentially causing a complete loss of control of the RV.

RettroBands were created to avoid that scenario.

How Does RettroBand Work?

A Rettroband adds physical support to the rims of your motorhome’s front tires. The strong polyurethane material with a steel band at the center wraps around the rim, absorbing the weight of the RV in the event of a front-tire blowout.

RettroBands shown installed on tire rims from two angles

RettroBands supply strong support in the event of a blowout, rather than leaving the front of the RV to fall onto the rim. The black polyurethane material houses a strong steel band. Together they form support that not only prevents extensive damage to the RV but, more importantly, keeps the driver in control, and the occupants of the RV safe.

The purpose of installing RettroBands is to support the RV and ensure that a deflated tire doesn’t come off the rim. It allows you to maintain steering stability so you can safely control the RV and come to a stop in an appropriate location.

In the past, another product used to address this issue was called the Tyron Band, which were designed to prevent a tire from coming off the rim in the event of a blowout.

However, Tyron Bands don’t provide any other type of support to the tire or motorhome in a blowout situation.

RettroBand adds that support, representing a very significant difference.

With RettroBand Version 2.0 on a rim, if the tire blows out, the RettroBand holds the rim up, allowing you to slow the motorhome and move it off the roadway toward safety, rather than allowing the rim to hit the road.

Where Can I Buy RettroBands and How Much Do They Cost?

RettroBands Version 2.0 are available at the following NIRVC locations (phone numbers included):

  • Dallas, TX — (469) 277-1330
  • Atlanta, GA — (770) 979-4051
  • Nashville, TN — (615) 527-8960
  • Phoenix, AZ — (520) 442-2500
  • Las Vegas, NV — (702) 766-7770

Keep in mind that RettroBand is a premium safety system, highly designed and engineered to be able to safely handle the substantial weight of a large motorhome traveling at high speed, which is no small feat. If they seem pricey, it’s because of how they’re designed, what they do, and what they can save in the event of a life-threatening situation. Think of them like insurance.

Current prices below include two RettroBands and installation on the steer tires. Of course, appropriate state sales tax is additional.

295/305: $3595.  /  315: $4595.  /  365: $4695.

If your motor has tires of another size, contact RettroBand or NIRVC in any of the above locations for more information.

NIRVC offers a lifetime guarantee on RettroBands. This means that if you experience a blowout while using a RettroBand, NIRVC will replace the RettroBand regardless of its condition.

In other words, every RettroBand that does its job in the event of a blowout gets replaced with a brand-new RettroBand installed by NIRVC.

Are There Arguments Against the Use of Rettrobands?

Almost every objection we’ve seen to installing RettroBands is based on their cost, not the product itself.

Those arguing against spending money on RettroBands state that if you’re sure to use an RV TPMS (tire pressure management system) to watch your tire pressures, check your tire temperatures regularly, weigh your rig properly, use RV tire covers, and replace your tires before they age or wear, it’s cheaper to buy new tires than to buy a pair of RettroBands.

The problem with this is two-fold: 1) Even brand-new tires can have a blowout (without warning), and 2) The potentially enormous costs and damage from a blowout can’t be calculated in advance.

We recently read about an RVer who had a blowout on her brand-new motorhome which was NOT overweight. She followed all the rules. However, a piece of metal flew off of a truck and onto the roadway in front of her and her right front tire hit the metal and blew out.

She was lucky on that occasion, but she also had an experience she surely never wants to repeat, and now has RettroBands on her two front tires.

Also, RettroBands are recommended for installation on tires that are no more than 3 years old. That makes tire replacement time the perfect time to install them.

Again, RettroBands are a form of insurance. And if you’ve ever seen a motorhome experiencing a front-tire blowout, you might agree that the insurance is well worth having.

We’ll leave you with the following video in which Rob Craig and Brett Davis (Founder, President & CEO of NIRVC) put their own lives at risk to demonstrate their confidence in RettroBand.

You’ll see them driving an Integra Cornerstone motorhome with a 22,000-pound front axle at 70 mph, blowing out a size 365 tire with a RettroBand installed. The results are incredible.

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Thursday 24th of August 2023

I just had Rettrobands installed on my motorhome, NIRVC put the tire pressure to tire manufacture standards which is 130 psi. I had the tire pressure based on the scale weight of the motorhome. What did you all do with your motorhome tire pressure after the Rettroband install and what do you suggest?


Tuesday 29th of August 2023

Hi Ben. NIRVC probably did that to ensure that, until new corner weights were taken, the tires were safely able to handle the load. If you can get the coach re-weighed, you should go ahead and use the correct pressures based on the weights. Or, if you want to use a previous weighing, we'd suggest upping your inflation pressures by enough pressure to accommodate the added weight of the two RettroBands (roughly 50lbs each)... at least until you can get re-weighed. 😉


Monday 24th of April 2023

Have you guys had it installed on your RV? If so is there any difference in handling? Also miss you guys on YouTube.


Tuesday 25th of April 2023

Hi Andy... yes, we just had Rettroband installed on our RV this winter. We also had new tires installed at the same time (your existing tires need to be at most 3-4 years old for them to install Rettroband using your current tires, and ours were about 6 years old). The new tires are the same size & make (Michelin) but a different model and tread pattern (old tires were XZA2 Energy and the new are X Line Coach Z... XZA2 Energy was impossible to locate at the time), so we can't tell if any difference (minor at most, just a feeling of being SLIGHTLY more resistance to turning the wheel) is due to the Rettrobands or the new (grippier) rubber and different tread pattern. It isn't anything we're really conscious of when driving, but that was the initial impression right after the work was done.

Dr. Mike

Monday 7th of November 2022

One of the items not listed in the article (which was very well written) is the fact that the retro bands will increase the resale value of your coach and, I believe the warranty is passed on to the next buyer.

Walt Leutwyler

Thursday 3rd of November 2022

Can you guys explain the difference between the Spartan Runflat and Rettroband? They look very similar in price to.


Saturday 5th of November 2022

Hi Walt. We haven't seen much about the Spartan runflat solution (under their Red Diamond line of products), but it appears that the big difference is that the Spartan one has a roller between the wheel and the runflat device. According to their website, they claim that the roller "spins with the tire, not the wheel, reducing heat and friction." We're not sure how that would work and/or help... it actually seems like an additional complexity.

Craig Caldwell

Monday 31st of October 2022

Awesome product! Thanks for sharing.

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