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Since our experience with the Sterling All-Terrain tow bar has been nothing short of… ahem… sterling, we couldn’t wait to try out Roadmaster’s hot new follow-up: the Nighthawk. We’ve even arranged an exclusive deal on it for you!

We’re honored that Roadmaster has given us the opportunity to premiere their cool new tow bar (Wait… didn’t we just say it was hot? Well it’s cool and hot)! ;-)

Binding while trying to disconnect a toad (towed car) from a motorhome is a common problem, and the primary reason we upgraded from our old Blue Ox tow bar in the first place. Since then, we’ve tried to challenge our Sterling at every opportunity. So far, we’ve been unable to make it bind a single time, even when disconnecting on steep inclines or sharp turns (or both at the same time).

The new Nighthawk uses the same Roadmaster patented non-binding Freedom Latch as the Sterling, so we weren’t the least bit surprised that it won’t bind either. But after dark, it’s a whole different animal, and surely the safest tow bar ever made, addressing a nagging issue we’ve always had about towing, especially at night. We’d tell you more about it, but it’s more fun to watch our hot new video. It’s cool!


Roadmaster has agreed to offer our viewers an exclusive package when they buy a Nighthawk direct from the factory. To take advantage of this deal, call Roadmaster at (800) 669-9690 then select option 2 for Sales. When you order a Nighthawk, just tell them you’d like the “RVGEEKS PACKAGE” and they’ll include a free heavy-duty tow bar cover and a free hitch receiver lock, too! This $89 value will keep your beautiful new Nighthawk secure and protected, like we keep ours. And FREE SHIPPING is included, too!

(800) 669-9690 – then select option “2” for Sales

Thanks to Roadmaster for giving us the opportunity to premiere and test out this cool/hot new product and for offering this great deal to our viewers. Visit to learn more about their entire line of quality towing products (Nighthawk details here).

And for those of you, like us, who were (or are) Blue Ox owners, Roadmaster hasn’t forgotten about us. They’re offering a version of the Nighthawk that attaches directly to Blue Ox tow connectors. Order Nighthawk model #677 and you can hook right up with no special adapters and no new base plate needed!

For anyone who watched the above video all the way to the end… yes indeed, that’s our dear friends Nikki & Jason Wynn in the closing drone shot, trekking out to Trona Pinnacles with us. Can’t believe that was just over a year ago, and they’re long gone on their boat. Follow their adventures at and watch our entire Trona Pinnacles video here.

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UPDATE: We’ve gotten questions about the location where our RV is perched at the end of the video. That amazing boondocking spot is in the Alabama Hills, near Lone Pine, California. The exact GPS coordinates of the site we stayed in are: 36.610927, -118.128550. This particular spot is a bit off-level and takes a little work to get a big rig in there comfortably, but if you’re there for at least several days, like we were, it’s worth it!

Here’s a great post about boondocking in the Alabama Hills from our friends Nina & Paul of Wheeling It.

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