After towing our Honda CR-V behind our RV for over 13 years, we’re big believers in the benefits of flat towing. This past summer we replaced our original towbar, and promised to keep you posted on how the new one is performing. This video not only provides an update, but includes some tips on how one person can disconnect the car in the most challenging situations.

When Roadmaster asked us to test out their Sterling All-Terrain, we hadn’t been actively in the market for a new towbar. We’d become so used to employing various tricks to overcome towbar binding that we didn’t realize what we were missing. As with many things, it took a conversation with friends who already owned the same Roadmaster towbar to make a light bulb go off. We’d been fighting with our old towbar for years without realizing that we didn’t have to.

So just how effective is Roadmaster’s patented “Freedom Latch” at releasing on hills and sharp angles? Check out the short video above for the deets!

If you want to see how this beautiful piece of equipment is made, be sure to check out our “How It’s Made” video below, where we took a tour of the Vancouver, WA factory that produces them.

On a related note… be sure to maintain and check your towing connections on a regular basis. We’ve never had a single problem, and have never known anyone else who has either… until our dear friends Nina & Paul of Wheeling It posted about their recent mishap. Like us, their experience with Roadmaster has been excellent. But we can all learn from each other’s experiences, and we’re now taking our toad a little less for granted. You can read all about it here.

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