We’re serious ice cream fans. Seriously. Big. Fans. Suffice it to say that we’re on a first name basis with both Ben and Jerry. We’re also partial to Cold Stone Creamery and Culver’s Custard too.

One nice thing about RVing is that we get to discover lots of hidden gems in many far-flung places. We’re here in the RVing capitol of the world: Northern Indiana, where a large percentage of motorhomes, 5th wheels and travel trailers are born. Our own Newmar was manufactured right here in Nappanee.

While visiting the factory for service, we found out about an amazing little ice cream shop right here in town called Rocket Science Ice Cream. With a name like that, we had to give it a try, especially since it seemed like such a juxtaposition to have anything “space age” here in Amish country, where so many people still live with 19th century technology.

This is one of the coolest (literally and figuratively) ice cream shops we’ve ever seen, where they use liquid nitrogen to freeze made-to-order ice cream right before your eyes. It has all the earmarks of a franchise (novel idea, catchy name, cute logo), but it’s not. This is a one-off, privately-owned shop.

Next time you’re in northern Indiana visiting RV central, make the trek to Nappanee to Rocket Science Ice Cream at 401 East Market Street. While we’re not overly finicky, and will eat almost anything labeled “ice cream” – we sure do know the good stuff when we taste it. Rocket Science is worth the trip. :)

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  1. Our daughter lives in Osceola, IN and last year when we visited the area we stayed at Potato Creek State Park. She had seen a program on The Travel Channel about Rocket Science in Nappanee so we took a drive over there and thoroughly enjoyed watching the ice cream being made and eating. I used your video(with credits to you) in my blog when I posted about our trip last year. Thanks for the great information. Curt

    1. Hi Curt! So glad you’ve experienced Rocket Science too! We’re big ice cream aficionados, and love both Cold Stone and Culver’s (okay, that’s really custard, but their Concrete Mixers are KILLER!!). lol Rocket Science was right up there with them, and so much fun to watch being made. Thanks for the blog post!

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