Our RV has suffered from a fairly common problem for years. Slowly but surely, the clear coat on our RV’s roof radius has been flaking off, making the top edge of our poor rig look like it has leprosy. We originally thought we might be able to stave off a more major repair by sanding the few small areas where it all started, and applying a new layer of clear coat ourselves. But before we could even pick up a spray can, it had spread too far to reasonably consider tackling the job ourselves.

Talking with other RVers who were suffering with the same issue (this is a common problem across many makes, models and years of RV with full-body paint), we quickly realized that no amount of “do-it-yourselfiness” would get this job done right.

As avid DIYers, this was a tough call. We REALLY wanted to be self-sufficient (and save a lot of money) by doing it ourselves. But sometimes, you need skills or equipment that you just can’t reasonably acquire. And re-painting the entire radius of our RV’s roof was DEFINITELY one of those situations. We’re pretty handy with a paint brush and roller, and have completed our fair share of typical home painting jobs. But getting a smooth, defect-free application of paint to this part of our RV? Without doing more harm than good, it just wasn’t going to happen.

So we turned to the pros. And, lucky for us, we had already identified the best place in the area we’re spending the summer for getting things all fixed up. We’ve had mechanical work done at a couple of First Truck Centre locations before, and their Vancouver location has one of the most well-respected paint shops in western Canada.

Thanks so much to First Truck Centre for allowing us to bring our cameras into their shop again. We’ve had great experiences at both their Vancouver/Surrey and Abbotsford shops. If you’re anywhere in Western Canada, and need top notch RV service, check out First Truck Centre at FirstTruck.ca (of course they work on trucks, too). ????

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